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Well, that's a tough question for me.
I mean, if nothing was stopping me, I'd actually love to have my own shoppe. A creative, artsy fartsy, magickal shoppe. I'd LOVE to do that once my ds was in school full time.
BUT, in reality, It probably won't happen. Unless I marry someone that has enough money to make my dream a reality.

But, I do admit that I would LOVE to be able to be a sahm for as long as possible.

Guess I need to find a willing husband (or wife). LOL.
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Having come from corporate america, I have absolutely NO desire to return there. LOL. Yes, I think raising my children is a full time, 20+ year commitment. This is my job.

On the flip side I am an artist so when the kids are older I will have a lot more free time to do the other things I love to do - such as spend 8 hours uninterrupted creating.
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Wow, what a crappy thread starter I am! I never remembered to come back to this after I first posted!

Originally Posted by lizc
I mean, if nothing was stopping me, I'd actually love to have my own shoppe. A creative, artsy fartsy, magickal shoppe.
I would love to do that as well! It's one of my little fantasies.
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Yeah, since I have a ten y.o., a five y.o. and a a baby on the way, I have really been able to see just how fast all this goes by.

Most importantly, the older my kids are, the MORE they need me, in more complex ways... so I have no desire to go back to working for someone else---working for myself, now that's another story!
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I fully intend to be a SAHM for the rest of my life (or till my children are grown and out the door). We will be homeschooling so I'll need to be home for that. I'm thinking we'll put them in PS when they are in HS, but I'll still SAH.

I didn't have a career before becoming a mom so I have nothing to go back to. Perhaps when my kids are in public high school I'll go to a community college and get a degree in something just to say I have a degree in something I might finish my early childhood education degree (long story, finished 2 semesters, dropped out).
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I totally want to and will be a SAH forever. I want 5 kids so I will be having babies for awhile. I was a massage therapist before I had my ds and I have no desire to go back. I do have two online companies that I run with my dh and my sister in law and brother in law but I can do that all at home. I couldn't imgine going to work. I haven't left my ds for more then a hour ( and he was sleeping when I did that) I couldn't imgine leaving him for a full work day. It is not for me
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Yes, yes thats me!!! money is an issue for us though dh is starting the- if we are to have more we MIGHT need two incomes. how can I be a sahm and go out to work.... well of course I could work from home, if only I could find the phone-and the keys, lifes too short and children too important to worry about the trival. unique
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I used to think I would go back to work when ds was 2 or so. But now that he is here I think I'd like to stay home for good. My dream is to have a small organic farm along with some crafty business during the non harvest season. Now that ds is around I can't imagine leaving home for work and I'm starting to think about future homeschooling. Dh is a public school teacher and so will need some convincing. Although I'm assuming the more he teaches (2nd yr now) he'll be even more supportive of homeschooling.
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I actually really being a SAHM. I always knew I would. I went and got a Ph.D. and the only "professing" I'm doing is trying to come up with explanations for my 5 year old's existential questions like "where do the clouds go after they run across the sky?".

This has been a real struggle and sacrifice for us, and we are seriously in debt because of my staying home, but when we did the math, it doesn't really pay for me to work either. Hopefully in another 2 years dh will get a serious promotion/salary bump and we will be out of the red and things will ease up. In the meantime I get a lot of enjoyment and satisfaction out of living as frugally as I can manage, shopping at thrift stores, cloth diapering, etc. -- and in the meantime I've discovered "natural family living" to go along with attachment parenting. The only real expense is that organic is so much more $$!

Lately the specter of the cost of private religious school (yeshiva) has reared its ugly head...basically public school isn't an option for us either religiously or philosophically. The schools expect that the mom is working before they'll grant scholarships. So, we're anticipating homeschooling I think. Which is also fine, since that is something I'm inclined to want to do in any case. I just can't leave my babies. I just can't.

So I'm very GLAD to be in the company of other mamas who also view this as their life's avocation. I certainly do. I love keeping my home and being my family's domestic PEO (partner executive officer). It satisfies me on a lot of levels.

That said, I have this little dream of opening a basement or next-door store, the kind I want to shop at: kids' resale/consignment with a breastfeeding book corner, a cloth diapering corner, a toy corner for the kids, and a little meeting area for my LLL group and local moms' groups. That's my dream for the future. But retail is really taxing and time consuming, so it'll wait a few years!

I do remember too needing my mom more than ever as I got older, and especially in these times, I think that having mom around as a solid force is really grounding and important for kids.
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Originally Posted by Zack419
I have no intentions of going back to work As a matter of fact, I want 12 kids and I want to homeschool them all and I want to live on 40 acres of land w/ an oraganic garden that supplies ALL the produce we need and some livestock, chickens maybe, and I want my children to run around barefoot in the grass and how can I enjoy all of that if I'm working?? Who will care for my chickens and my garden?? Who will teach my children about the world around them, even as adults when they're entering a whole NEW world?? If I'm at work when they're adults, they would have to call me at the office and "disturb" me and I would feel guilty that I wasn't there to answer their questions. So....

I'm staying home forever.
I thought I was the only one who wanted this!! but with the DH in the military, that's not likely to happen (at least the 40 acres part) until he retires in 16+ years. But his dad has this cabin in the Ozarks...... That's where I want to head, with my 12 kids, garden, chickens, maybe a goat or two.... and the local bears

For now however, I recently quit my job right before we found out I was pregnant and have started working more on a at home bookstore (anyone want some books???). My husband keeps telling me how much happier I seem and how much less we disagree and things since I quit. I was an Office Manager for an insurance company but I hated it everyday, and I think that that negativity carried over when I got home.

My husband would love for me to work part time at something with a garunteed paycheck since we are completely broke trying to get out of debt before the baby comes (April 2006). But since he's seen how much happier I am not having to work, he's very supportive (except when we've just used his entire paycheck and it's two days after payday....).

I recently started volunteering on base and I think I'll keep that up for a while. It's something I can do even after the baby is born and it really helps other people, so it makes me feel good about what I did that day.
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