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Here's a link to the Nature Boy & Girl dipes. You can order them online. http://shop.nurturecenter.com/naboygididib.html
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I like the Seventh Generation sposies. You can get them on Amazon.com for a pretty good price (though I'm not sure about shipping costs).
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Thanks for the diaper info!
We had a home visit with our doula today , I'm starting to feel more in the birthin' mood I guess. There was a conference here last week with Michel Odent, so all my birthing community friends, including my Doula, are all super hyped about gentle birth. Its nice for me that she's been able to get that kind of belief boost so close to my birth! We had a really good long talk about how we would like my baby's birth to be, especially the time right afterward. I feel so inspired now. It's good because I had been getting more and more apprehensive about the whole thing. The threat of another pp hemmorhage had been getting me down I guess. Depending on how the placenta looks after its delivered I may have to go in for an immediate D&C. I guess I'm concerned that I won't be able to enjoy that special time right after the birth and I also worry that the anaesthesia for the operation might make my milk take longer to come in (like after the C-section with ds). So I'm really trying to focus on positive visualisations of this birth and post partum period. No retained placenta, no bleeding, healthy baby etc etc.!
The to do list has shrunk a little more. I finally got my sister to drop off the Moses basket today so I can get started on washing the linens (her house is very perfumey so I'll need to wash them a few times! ) and my other friend dropped off the carseat yesterday. Not too much more to do except get stuff ready for the actual labour. I want to make some labouraide, get some snacks ready and put together a little kit bag of toiletries etc. Last time, we were planning for a home birth, the whole idea of packing up to go to the hospital is new! Anyway, its all finally starting to feel real!
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What is labouraide?
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I've heard of labouraide, but I don't know how to make it, but I found some organic gatoraide stuff at Wild Oats the other day made by Knudson called Recharge and just bought three bottles of that. Also today we got some Luna bars and two other cereal & fruit bars. I want to make my oatmeal cookies for labor too. I don't really cook, so I'm all about buying things already made. DH does the cooking. :
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I've been trying to get the "recharge" but haven't been able to.... It's good to know that Kundsen is the maker so I know what to look for.

Robugmum, did you go to the M. Odent conference? I was there on the Tuesday presentation, and I was really inspired by him . I wanted to mention too, that I know someone who was having a very bad hemmorrhage and got to stop it relatively quick by drinking a placenta shake.... have you heard about that before? I don't know if that was the reason hers stopped, but I've read similar stories more than once.... "food for thought"
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I've never seen the Knudsen product but I will definitely take a look around for it.
The recipe for Labour-Aide from my MW is:
1/3 cup lemon juice
1/3 cup honey
1/4 tsp salt
1/4 tsp liquid calcium
blend all ingredients together with 7 cups of water

I may also just make some cold pregnancy tea and sweeten it with honey. I find cold tea very refreshing.

I've heard of eating the placenta but not in relation to avoiding hemmorhage. I'd be interested in the recipe for the placenta shake though! (mmmm, but oatmeal cookies sound so much more yummy!)
I didn't get to the conference with Odent. I'd have loved to go but we had a jam packed week. Plus, I can't sit comfortably for very long these days!

I'm trying to come up with my list for the hospital, so far I've got: snacks and drinks, rescue remedy, arnica, pillow and nursing pillow, toiletries, a couple of loose t-shirts, clothes for babe to wear home, clothes for me to wear home, car seat. Anything else I need?
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