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End of May Due Daters!!

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I get so "jealous" when I hear of you early Mommie talking about how soon your babes will be here. I feel like I have such a long way to go!!! So I thought I would start a Late May Babys thread!!!! Just for fun!!!

How many of us think we will actually go to June??? I for one, think I just might! Heck I will probably be the last on this May board to deliver!! Both my other two were 10 & 14 days late. (Have I ever said I HATE EDDS!!! I DO!)

Anything think they will go before May 15th???? (NOT ME!)

Anyway, just posting random thoughts.
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My due date is June 1st, but I've lurked here on the May boards since that's so close.

I've had some PTL probs, so chances are higher that I'll have a May babe. I'm allowed off of bedrest at 36 weeks, since that's when they won't try to stop labor, but I'm still going to be taking it easy. But only two weeks of the serious rest left! After that I'll be able to do the things I need to do to prepare for baby's arrival, so if it eases your mind just think of it as a bit more time to prepare
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I so know how you feel. EDD is June 1st or May 31st depending who you ask and that was from a 16 week or so u/s LOL. I have measured a week ahead since the beginning though and I doubt I will go into June.

My gut tells me the week of the 22nd, and I have been right with both of my other babes. I had one that was a week late and the 2nd was a week early according to my EDD's but both were within a day of my estimate.

I really hope I am right this time because we have family coming and it would be nice to deliver while they are here instead of after they leave.

I do hate the waiting game though. I really really hate it.

Hang in there girls we are in the home stretch as they say!

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I am lurking here too. I am due June 5th, but will have a c-section by May 30th. Possibly earler than that. I am starting to freek out that the new baby will be her in less than 6 weeks.
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My edd is the 22nd, so I could go in June. My dd was induced (a regret of mine) at 41wk 1day. I don't want to believe that it could take that long as I am so uncomfortable at times now. So I'm here, but wishing I wasn't. :
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Another June board lurker here, my edd is May 30th but I went really late with dd. I figured I would have a hard time if I joined the May board and ended up giving birth June 15!
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Well, according to when I "think" the first day of LMP was my EDD is May 27, when I had the u/s at 8 weeks, they told me my EDD was May 23. I think I'll probably go to June though, since this is my first, but we'll just wait and see...
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My dates are all over the place. According to conception, my edd is May 30th. My midwife says May 31st by conception, My LMP says May 23, my u/s says May 23, this cool online calculator I found that uses something called the Wood's method says June 6th. DS was born 15 days late by LMP. So I'm looking at June, but feeling a bit weird like I could go early. DH is scared of an early baby. I'm hoping to go late really, so that I do have more time to be ready. It would be more convenient for everyone. We'll see what happens.

I figure, expect to go later and you won't be disappointed.
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My due date is May 28th....but I have a feeling I will go into early June. Im not ready yet but I am starting to grow impatient! I have been having ALOT of BH which I never had a whole lot of with my first two. I will be right here with ya tho mama...all the way till the end!
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My due date is May 25th by dates, I have had two early babies though so I am planning on being ready anytime after next tues (36 weeks) I have had some braxton hicks for the past few days and I feel like the baby is really low, so who knows. I feel like the pregnancy has gone by super fast, (especially because it is my last)
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I am so glad I am not alone!!

According to my LMP when I spotted but not really started is 5/23. If you take the date I recall really bleeding edd is 5/25. If you take my last ultrasound it is 5/27. See why I hate edd's!!!!!!
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Yes I have several due dates ranging from May 21st to June 1st. I think the baby will be early but I don't want to set myself up for a long wait.
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Due here around May 27th!
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The Woods method got me curious so I dug up my chart and did some figuring... by that, my edd would be 6/10. The edd I came up with from LMP was 6/5, the hospital came up with 6/1, and some other method gave me 5/30.

Aaudrey's mom, I'm starting to worry that's what I've done... now that I'm sort of expecting her to come in May she won't be here til June 15! :LOL I know she'll come when she comes (unless it's in between now and 36 weeks, then they'll try and stop labor) but six more weeks just sounds so long... even though time has just flown by up until now.
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I'm expecting june

My EDD is 5/24, but I was 17 days overdue with DD, so I am fully expecting this could be a June baby. I know how you feel - I'm reading these posts about people going any day now and I fully feel I have a month and a half at least!
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Another lurker

I'm a big lurker, non-poster... I love reading all your stories and posts, so thanks for letting me listen quietly.

Anyway, I'm due May 29/June 1, though MW thinks baby is really big and that I might go early. I've been having loads of contractions and two weeks ago had a major crash with a bilateral ear and sinus infection. I'm completely exhausted and told my employer today that I need to stop working -- they're not very happy about that since I am a teacher and told them I would teach to the end of the year. But what can I do? I can barely see to drive and read... I think I'm being reasonable. I am, right? DH certainly thinks so, as does my dept. head. Hopefully they won't do something nasty like yank away benefits or threaten to. I'm 34 1/2 weeks.

I'm hoping for early and plan on going out for lobster soon after DH gets back from a business trip on May 10 -- that's what did it last time!

Isn't it May YET? Good luck getting through!
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Mmmmm, I haven't had lobster in soooo long!!!!
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I haven't either since the night before giving birth to dd!
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May 25th here...

I expect to be on time, at least I hope so. DS was one day after due date. But who knows. They're always saying 2nd babies come earlier. But I hope not. I have been sick and so has DS so we have a lot of catching up to do around here! Things need to be back to normal before they get nutty again! LOL
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Haven't been on here in awhile, so I guess I look like a lurker, but I cannot even say THAT as I rarely even log in... Anyway, this is my fourth baby and I bumped up my date by using my conception date and come up with 5/28. If I use my LMP, it is 5/18, but I don't believe that date for a minute. My first two babies were 9 days late using my LMP, and my third baby was three weeks late (due June 16 born July 5) using my LMP, but I had two possible conception dates with him cuz it was my first cycle after my period returned (the month his sister turned a year old) AND I was nursing (I tandem nursed for over two years, plus nursed #2 throughout my third pregnancy). So basically, I think #3 was not actually late. That is why I decided to investigate my due dates further with this baby, and I would not be surprised to be "late" and definitely not "early" (like the LMP date of 5/18). Which would be good because I have SO much to do before the baby comes...... I am having a planned home water birth and am still decluttering the house a bit!! I have my home visit next week. I have stuff to do! Baby needs to stay put awhile longer! LOL!!!
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