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Herbal cough remedy while pregnant and nursing?

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Please help! I have an awful awful chest cold and I am trying to figure out what is safe to take / drink while pregnant and nursing. My nursling is 19 months so he is most likely safe. BUT I am only about 4 weeks pregnant. I usually drink some fenugreek tea that helps combat congestion, but I don't believe that is safe while pregnant. Does anyone have any suggestions for me? I have read that marshmallow root might work, but I've not tried that before and can't seem to find any info for it related to pregnancy. PLEASE HELP I am miserable... coughing up stuff.
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I swear by Umcka Cold Care...it's a homeopathic herbal medicine so it's completely safe. It is also clinically proven to reduce the duration of cold/brochial/respiratory problems. I have checked with my health care provider and it's safe to take while pregnant. It's about 9.50 for a bottle but it works so darn good, I don't ever think of using anything else. I had what I thought was just a minor cold turn into the beginnings of what may be bronchitis. Darn it, I should have bought more Umcka before it got this bad. But my sore throat is already gone after taking it one day.

Also, you'll most likely have to get it at a health food store, although I haven't really looked for it at a regular store. Good luck! I know it's horrible to be sick while you're pregnant.
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Okay, this is not herbal, but when I was sick and had a very bad cough during the first trimester my midwife said it was okay to take cough syrup with Guaifenesin. If you decide to go this route make sure you get the kind that only has this as the active ingredient (lots of cough syrups have this plus some other things). I found Robitussen and Walgreens brand cough syrup that were just guaifensin. If you get the Robitussen make sure you look closely at the label because there are different kinds of Robitussen. Good luck finding something that works for you! Feel better soon!

Here's a link to more info to help with deciding if this is the kind of thing you would be comfortable taking:
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I try honey...and cough drops...I am 6 mo pg and nursing 2.5 dd and they were the only things that got me through a cough/cold last week.
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a recent study showed that honey was just as effective as cough medicine.
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Boiron Cold Calm, and the Boiron honey cough syrup
Also, just a spoonful of good, unfiltered, thick, raw, delicious honey several times a day! You can also top it with lemon juice and a dash of cayenne pepper to be really effective.
Hot tea (any kind) with loads of honey and lemon juice also helps.
I'm 6 months and getting over a cold, and those things got me through the worst of it pretty quickly.
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