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Hi all!

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I just wanted to introduce myself....my name is Melanie and I have identical twin girls who just turned 2 this past Saturday I am happily married and also have 4 other children

A little about my twin girls: Their names are Kyra & Emma and I was induced for high bp with them at 38wks. Kyra was born vaginal (5lbs 11oz) and Emma was born via emergency csection (5lbs 15oz) - fun, huh? I breastfed them until they self-weaned at 18mths old.

I can't wait to get to know the rest of you
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Hi Melanie!

I'm also a mama to MZ twin girls. They'll be 19 months next week. Still nursing strong.

The Parenting Multiples board is kind of slow here, don't get put off if you don't get a lot of responses in a short amount of time. But MDC is a good place--hopefully you'll find lots of good stuff here.
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Welcome! My mz girls turned 2 the end of March, I don't know how you do it w/ other kids though, my two keep me more than busy
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HI! I'm new too, (not to hijack). I have DZ B/G twins who just turned 2 this Wed! Just joined and wanted to say hello to you, too!

mom to B/G twins (2) and their baby sister
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