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Poop Question

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Dd just started solids last week and I'm sooo out of my element here! Ds was over a year before eating solids. She is only 4 1/2m and we'd been fighting her for a month - we finally gave in. She LOVES it and isn't nursing any less (which of course was my fear).

Her poops completely changed. They are formed, although not hard or small as in constipated poops. They have no breastmilk poop characteristic left to them except the smell (thank god! :LOL )

I guess I just didn't expect such a drastic change. Is this normal? Ds's solid interest was so late, slow and gradual that I didn't really pay attention to the poops.

She's had sweet potato and banana.
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Banana binds.
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Sounds pretty normal to me. As long as she doesn't seem constipated, I wouldn't worry about it.
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