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Favorite health-related websites?

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I was wondering, what is your favorite place on the web to go for health-related advice? If there is already a thread on this topic, please let me know! Thanks, Emily
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Hands down - Dr. Joseph Mercola's website is the greatest and most informative and cutting edge in my personal opinion. I do a ton of research on alternative medicine and holistic health and healing and I have found his site to be excellent. His website is one of the top visited alternative health and healing websites - and he is well known in the alternative and integrative medicine communities. All his information is well-documented and researched and he always includes footnotes. There are other good websites, but so far, his has been the best. You won't be disappointed.
Go to www.mercola.com

Also, check out:

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check out www.mothernurture.com

it's more than just food and supplements, though that is a big part of it. it's just for moms, and talks about how pregnancy, breastfeeding and child rearing takes an enormous toll on our bodies, and we need to take really good care of ourselves.
the big thing i've taken away from it (for now) is that those minimum daily requirements listed on our vitamins and foods, are falling way short of what moms need. they have a chart in the book and on the site where they list MSDVs -- mother's suggested daily values! the prenatals i am (still) taking are good for some vitamins, but falling short on others, according to this. so as of today, i've started taking an omega-3 supplement, and a calcium-magnesium-zinc supplemt, and it looks like i need a b complex as well.
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