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Be honest, don't just recite the AAP -- baby and sleeping

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I have been reading The Happiest Baby On The Block. I have to say out of most the baby books I have read in 9 years this is probably one of the best ones I have read. There is a lot of discussion about laying in the side/stomach position, of course, he says over and over again to put babies to sleep on their backs. Now trust me, I have read the research on SIDS and the putting babies on their back to sleep, I personally don't buy it about the sleeping position. Of the babies I do know that have died of SIDS, all of them were sleeping on their backs, all of them were breastfed and all of them were born to non-smokers.

Anyway, when my daughter was born we were told to lay a baby to sleep on their side. When Dylan was born on their back, same with Jack. But with Jack, I only did that a few times before I put him on his stomach for naps in the crib (we coslept at night). Now I want to know from experienced moms, or grandmas, when you didn't have your babies with you or on you, how did you have them sleep, and if they did sleep on their side or stomach did you notice they slept better and were less fussy than if they were in other positions?
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Being perfectly honest, I would have to say that I usually had my youngest sleep on her stomach from when she was a newborn up until she was old enough to roll over on her own (which was about 3 months old). That was really the only way she would sleep for any amount of time without jerking awake.

When she sleeps with me she has always slept on her side curled up into me and that works well for her too.
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My boys both slept on their backs when sleeping solo.
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With DS, we put him "back-to-sleep". Always. We also vaccinated him. With DD, we are not vaccinating her and we have no other SIDS worries, so we tried tummy sleeping. We also swaddled her because she had a huge startle reflex and would wake herself up. So, swaddled and on tummy in bed for nighttime; swaddled and on tummy in crib for naps. Worked fabulously for us.
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My daughter slept on her side, next to me.
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Both my boys were tummy sleepers & we cosleep. Again, if they were on their backs or sides they woke a LOT!
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When DS was born he would not sleep if he was on his back. For the first two weeks he slept on his stomach on my chest. Then we wised up and tried cosleeping - much better results. He would occasionally sleep on his back but the majority of the time he slept on his side snuggled up against me.
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I totally advocate the back to sleep deal. However, my DS (who's now 13mo) started sleeping on his tummy after 1mo. He had GERD and it was painful for him on his back. He also didn't like sleeping on his side. So, my boy was a tummy sleeper.

As a newborn, he'd scream in pain after sleeping on his back for 20mins. Slept him on his tummy, with an incline in his bed and the pain was gone! Now, I put him to sleep on his back, since he's outgrown GERD (acid reflux), but he'll roll to his belly anyway...
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Co-sleeping from day 1 - and DS was mostly on his side. If he rolled/wiggled/fell in one direction or the other (front or back sleeping) I assure you I did NOT attempt to shift him to some position that *I* wanted him in! Never wake a sleeping baby, I say.

So, while napping, or if solo in the early evening hours, he was on his side, with PILLOWS (ah, the horror!) until I could take the place of that pillow and snuggle into him.
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I hope more moms will continue to answer. I really appreciate the honesty! In fact a lot of moms have secretly told me they put their babies to sleep on their sides or on their stomachs. My Ped just recites that AAP but then told me that his belief is that if a baby is going to die of SIDS they will die of it no matter how they slept and that every five years or so it changes on how they want babies to sleep.

Could I cross post this somewhere else to get more responses?
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I've had three babies with reflux, and all three slept on their tummys.
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My son slept on his tummy from the beginning, and it's still the only way he sleeps. Lauren is a back sleeper. She will NOT sleep on her tummy, even laying on me.
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My first ds wouldn't sleep solo. Unless he was in his carseat or swing. So I either went to bed w/ him for naps or nursed him to slep and put him in the swing.

Ds2 was on his back. Or realy his side I guess. He'd roll from his back to side even the first few days after birth.
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since I know some one who almost lost her baby to SIDS (was actually in the sling at the time and they were able top resucitate), and eventually did loose him 18 months later to complications related to the original incident, i would do anything i can do to prevent it. i can't remember the stats, but the reduction in SIDS rates between tummy sleeping and back sleeping are major. So, my kids slept on their backs until they were able to roll themselves into another position, even while cosleeping
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My daughter would never sleep more than a few minutes on her back. We co-slept from birth, she on her side facing me. Occasionally she would roll forward and be more belly down than truly on her side. As she got older, 3+months, she would sometimes sleep on her back if she was well propped
up in arms or lap but would never fall asleep that way.
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Another tummy sleeper here. Cole wouldn't sleep more than a few minutes on his back before he jerked himself awake. I would put him on his tummy for naps, but had him in a bassinet in the same room as me so I could keep an eye on him. At night before we went to bed, he was on his side in a co-sleeper, but he tended to roll so he was halfway onto his tummy anway. Once in bed w/us he went between side and tummy. He held his head up and then was able to roll over pretty early...both of which helped ease my concern over him being on his belly. Recommendations are all well and good, but 5 minutes of sleep at a stretch isn't healthy for anyone and I did what was best for all of us. I would do the same with this babe if they had the same sleep problems.
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Always, always, always on her back.
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We would soothe DS in a tummy down position sometimes (one of the dr sears books has a picture of something called the "colic carry"). We always had him sleep on his back though. For what it's worth our pediatrician advised against having DS sleep on his tummy, even if we were there watching him sleep. He said if our son stopped breathing due to SIDS we would not be able to revive him even if we were right there. Did not research this to see if there is evidence that supports this. Like a pp, the stats about SIDS rates and sleeping postion were enough to convince me. Good luck with sorting this out!
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When ds was sleeping solo he slept on his back. If he was sleeping on or next to me he slept on his side. Honestly, that kid could probably sleep hanging upside down for all he cares. He was pretty easy that way. If a baby can't stay asleep on their back then trying to force it sounds more like torture than safety.
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Dd had awful reflux as an infant...Back sleep lasted.. a night. Side sleeping another 2 or 3. Then tummy. Then tummy on an incline. For, oh, the next 6 months, heh. That incline made me glad I'd gotten the co-sleeper rather than just figuring on my bed. Well, the incline, and all the recycled-milky sheets
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