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i didn't know there were options other than flylady...I'll have to check it out too! thanks
I simply cannot stand wearing shoes in the house all day...its my comfort zone. and my control journal is out of control..see I was using it to clean up my hot spots and then..well...it all went downhill from there... :
but I do stick to flylady's weekly chores..and do 2 loads of laundry/day....I just like chore lists and challenges and someone to suggest cleaning things that I never think to clean...
hey, it happens...
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I just unsubscribed from FLYLady and subscribed to CleanHome. Will update as to how it goes. I learned a lot from FLYLady but ended up being turned off by one of her essays... REALLY turned off... I figure I don't have ADD but I have two toddlers so doing a system (CleanHome that is) that's designed for ADD should work :LOL
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okay! I signed up w/ clean home, too! i was trying motivated moms, but I'm going to see if clean home is easier. Can't you just tell I'm @ the point where I just would like someone to come & do it FOR me :LOL

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I am doing clean homes & I can already see a difference! I spent the weekend getting the house to a place where the system would actually be possible (though she recommends taking a week for each area) & am hoping I will stick with it.
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AmiBeth - I need to do that too - so far I'm just skimming the emails : but it is a relief to not have my inbox flooded and worry about what FLYLady is going to be annoyed about today :LOL I'm still, however, into shining my sink, keeping the bathroom clean and even wearing indoor shoes part of the day.
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I never wear shoes~ if I have to I wear flip-flops :LOL I have gotten better about the kitchen lately, but the living room & our room are HUGE trouble areas! The living room, b/c the boys have a lot of toys in there and our room, b/c when laundry would pile up I would put the pile in our room to "do later" and it would never get folded. :
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I hadn't heard of clean home before. Any updates on how it is working for those who signed up?
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Originally Posted by fullofgrace
I hadn't heard of clean home before. Any updates on how it is working for those who signed up?
I switched from Flylady to Clean Home after reading this thread a few weeks ago. I like it better because I get fewer emails to ignore and it's easier for me to keep up with. Thus I feel more successful at it, and I'm sticking with it better.

If you are the kind of person who can mostly keep up with fly lady, then I think that is the better program. You would get more "done". But over all, FL had just *way* to many emails and odd rules for me. I got overwhelmed and stopped doing most of it. Clean Home has more realistic expectations, and is good for keeping the clutter at bay as well as doing some major cleaning throughout the house. But it's up to you to know what to clean and how, which brings me to the one thing that FL did that I do miss:

I liked Kelly's "missions" on Fly Lady -- sometimes I did them, often I didn't, but they got me to clean some areas that I tend to forget about or not notice, such as cleaning the bathroom waste basket or knocking down cobwebs in corners. These things were fast and easy, but I might not think to do them under normal curcumstances. The "why not do it now?" approach worked for me. Adding something like that once or twice a week would be my only suggestion to improve Clean Home. (Maybe I'll email her.)

If someone were just starting out, I'd recommend they look at the Fly Lady web site first. There is a lot of really good info there on getting started and why taking control of your home makes sense. But unless the person has plenty of time at home or likes to clean anyway, I'd recommend signing up with Clean Home. The final reason I like CH better is that the woman running it seems more like me personally. She uses cloth diapers, tries to be environmentally aware, etc. It's a small thing -- not really relevant to keeping *my* house clean -- but I like it.
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I use to subscribe to FL.... but I lost my net....and this sounds much easier. Thanks.
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Has anyone tried http://mymessyhouse.com before?

I found it after I subscribed to Flylady a couple of years ago and got overwhelmed with all of the emails.

It's great because it's really lax. It just has a room of the day and it gives you a laundry list of things to do for that room, as well as a list of things to do once a month for that room. It also gives you a chore of the day. There's no email or subscription system, you do it all on your own, which I like. I usually will just pull the page up in the morning and leave it open until I've finished the chores for that day. They also recommend setting a timer and working for 15 minutes, then taking a break for 15 minutes, like Flylady does. Anyway, I've been using it for the last 2 years off and on, and I really like it.
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nak I'm going to check it out now! Thanks for the link!
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I do a modified FlyLady. I LOVE it and it has saved me froma horrid life. I set up filters and don't get most of her emails bacause I don't use them.
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Thanks for this thread & for the suggestion of motivatedmoms.com. I really want to be good at this homemaker thing :LOL & it's nice to have ideas about how to go about it.
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My only surefire method for keeping the house in reasonable shape?

Trying to sell it.

I am however going to look at motivatedmoms and cleanhouse. I am feeling more than a little overwhelmed.
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Originally Posted by Gaby'sIma
My only surefire method for keeping the house in reasonable shape?

Trying to sell it.
:LOL Ours goes on the market tomorrow.
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Originally Posted by Queen Gwen
:LOL Ours goes on the market tomorrow.
Good luck with that! I think the hardest thing about having a house on the market is constantly feeling like it has to be spotless, especially when you have kids in the house!
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I started the motivated moms. We'll see how it goes. I didn't buy the booklet. I just downloaded the pdf for 2002. I'll revise it to suit my needs or areas of interest (room of doom) . Now I have to get my home in shape for everyday clean, IYKWIM. Thank goodness we'll be visiting the in-laws for a week, so I can let it settle some more before I dig in. :LOL
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I bought the motivated moms calendar about a week ago. I like it a lot & feel a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day.
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Wheneer I look at flylady's house I feel sick to my stomach. It is way too overwhelming for me. The My Messy House site is more my style.
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