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which sling does your dh love/tolerate?

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I have a hotsling and a maya ... my husband used the maya at first because he really wants to sling ds, but now he just gets frustrated. He thinks he'll love a pouch like mine ... should I buy one or is there something else that may be better?

What does your dh love to use/ what does he use just because there's nothing else?

Tips for liking the maya more??
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My husband hated the slings I used with our first DD-all ring slings. With our second DD we bought a KKAFP from another MDC momma and my DH loves it. He even volunteers to carry DD in the pouch-something that never happened with DD #1.
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My dh really loves the Baby Bjorn, but he'll use a sling if the Bjorn isn't handy. He has used a Sling-Ezee, Maya Wrap, and Zolo Wear, all ring slings. I have some pouches but he doesn't like them.
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His first choice is the baby trekker and his second choice is the ring sling. He doesn't like the KKAFP very much but uses it if he has to.
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He loves my NN. Hates the maya :LOL
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Hates anything with rings and a tail. Likes pouches. Loves back carriers.
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My DH used the Fleece Pouch and a back carrier with Mila. With the newborn I would like him to use the Moby or SlingSet I'm going to purchase until our son will be old enough for a hip-carry.

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When DS was little, we had a cheapo pouch from Infantino. DH & DS both loved it!

Now that DS is older, DH really loves our Mei Tei from Little Buckaroo Baby. It's easy for him, SUPER comfortable, and neutral enough to be manly. :LOL He wouldn't even try the ring sling.
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Dh has been loving our Moby Wrap. I think the different positions and ways of tying appeal to his engineer side! He is VERY jealous of my Hotsling and wishes we wore the same size. :LOL What he doesn't know is that I'm going to be getting him an early Father's Day present.
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A reversible MT is great because it will git you both, and you can still get a pretty print that will be on the inside when he wears it.
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Mine goes for the Baby Bjorn mos often. I never use it, Next would be the MT I made and then the adjustable maya pouch. He does not seem interested in the Ergo but I am gonna have him try it.
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My DH pretty much only uses the Baby Bjorn and the Ergo. He has tried my slings, wraps, and mei tais in the house with much encouragement from me, but he never grabs those on his own.

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He loved the KKAFP but it got too hot here for it and then I gave it to my sister. Then he loved the PIP but it was too big for me so I sold it. Then it was the unpadded Hotsling but I felt we needed padding so I sold that too, lol. The poor guy. Now he likes the fleece hotsling but it has just become to hot for that and the padded hotsling I got is too small for him. He doesn't like wraps or the Kozy so I am hoping he will love the slingset.
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My husband likes all of them.
Didn't think he really cared all that much but, I have a zolo pouch and told him I was selling it and he replyed "Not that pretty green one!" -- He meant my siik one! --- Is he kidding!!!
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Mine liked the bjorn, but now it's too rough on his back. He is loving the Patapum these days. I have gotten him into a mei tai a couple of times, but he's definitely a buckle kinda guy.
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My Dh likes the Kozy, HEre is a pic of him and dd.

<img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v151/mariahays/100_6184.jpg" alt="Image hosted by Photobucket.com">
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Aww, what a great pic!
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loved the maya and the ergo - hasn't had a chance to try a pouch though bc there is an almost foot difference in height, and almost 100 lbs difference in weight between us, and he doesn't want one in his size. stinker.
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My DH uses our Mom & Me pouch extensively. He never could get the hang of tying our Hug-a-Bub, though he was always willing to wear DS in it if I tied it for him.
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