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not so good news - need support

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Went to the OB/GYN yesterday. They were unable to find the babys hb for a while and when they did it was low. They sent me to the hospital for a NST. He did better there and his HB fluxuated like it should and all. It was still dropping kinda low though. My doctor now has me set up for NST every other day and a scheduled induction on Wednesday at 1am. That will be MY 38wk mark according to my dates and according to his dates i would be 40 wks 3 days. The babys movements have VASTLY slowed down and gotten much less strong. I trust my doctor on this....i have been having a feeling that something isn't quiet right.

So...just a few more days and Ethan will be here. Of course this also poses a new problem i hadn't really thought about before. I seriously doubt i will go into labor on my own before then so i am facing a pit induction. I am fully planning on doing it without any meds at all for pain. I did it with DD. She was a pit induction and i didn't have any pain meds with her....honestly it wasn't that bad...i was only in pain for about 30 minutes of the 7 hours and then she was out. I am REALLY hopeing that i can have a repeat of this. I am scared though....scared of the pain and scared i won't be strong enough to say no to pain meds. I am scared i will cave in and be weak. I KNOW i have done it before even with the pit. I keep trying to tell myself that i CAN do it again without pain meds. But i am SOOOO scared i can't.
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Don't have anything to help - just hoping everything goes well for you.
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I'll be praying for you, and your family, and for Ethan's safe arrival.
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I'm so sorry I'll be keeping you in my thoughts. I hope all goes well. Do you know that it will be a pit induction? When they induced me this last time they gave me a small pill, I can't remember what it was called, maybe you could ask about it? It moved things along well.
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You will certainly be in my prayers.

You KNOW you can do it - you've done it before, and this time should be easier, if anything!! Hang in there...
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You are in my thoughts. I hope everything goes good for you. I hope Ethan will have a safe arrival. You can do this. You are a strong woman.
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Sorry that everything is so crazy. You will be in my thought. to you and Ethan

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I don't know much about your concerns, but wanted to let you know that I'll be thinking fo you and hoping for the best.
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It totally understandable to have these thoughts that you doubt yourself to have the baby w/o an epi. But you did it before and deep in your heart you are commited to being drug free. I hope the best for you and your baby...good luck.
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I am thinking of you and praying for the health of all of you. I hope everything works out very well.
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I will be thinking of you this week, too. Sending thoughts and prayers for you and your sweet baby.
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oh my gosh, I'm so sorry about your bad news. I pray that everything goes well. Do you have enough labor support? I was labor support for one of my closest friends, who had to be given pitocin in hopes of making her dialate (didn't work) but every time a contraction came on we just kept telling her that she could get through it and that she was strong. She heald out for quite a while but eventually the mw's decided that the pitocin wasn't making her dialate and if she slept (with the help of an epi.) it would (she got it and it did) but that is different from what you're facing. Sorry if this is off track- I am just trying to be constructive! Maybe you already know this about how suggestive laboring women are but I thought I would mention it again.

Best of luck to your and your baby.
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You will be in my thoughts.
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Stay strong, mama. You'll be in my thoughts and I'll send up a prayer for a safe and swift labor for you and your baby. Just think, in only a few days you'll have that babe in your arms.
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Thinking about you and Ethan too.

I too hope you can have a drug free birth since that is your goal. But giving birth is never weak. Don't give yourself a trip mama. to you.
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Can you get someone to seperate your membranes the day before, like your old midwife? (or suggest it to him...?) If you are a little bit dialated and effaced it might cause you to go into labor. Seperating of the amniotic sac and the cervex can release labor inducing hormones if you are "ripe". They did that to me last time, I went into labor that night and had A. by sunrise ... just an idea. Amazing how the docs. just want to go to the drugs right away.

What about castor oil? Would you consider taking castor oil? Did that with G. It worked (but you might have to take it a couple of days in advance...)
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My doctor will strip my membranes Monday IF he can. Right now i am 2cm dialated but still high and thick and he has been unable to do it. If i have thinned out any then he will do it. He isn't one of "those" doctors who doesn't think a woman can do it herself or that thinks everything should be medical. I won't take castor oil. I honestly don't think i am close enough to going into labor on my own that that would work at all and i would really rather avoid the nasty effects of it if it doesn't work.

My doctor also won't break my water after he starts pit until i am showing some good progress unless i ask him to. He leaves room to back out if needs be.
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Just wanted to wish you all the best - you and your baby will be in my thoughts.

Please don't stress about epi or not. It sounds like you have a great care provider who respects your wishes and who you can trust. When the time comes, have faith in yourself and your body, and in your provider. You will know what is best for you and your baby when it comes down to it :-)

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Sorry to hear about your pending induction. I understand your fear of the pain ~ I was induced last time, and it was very painful, even with an epi. This time, I am very much hoping to let my body enter labor naturally, and definitely without the pain meds.

Anyway, I hope that your labor is still able to be "yours." Whatever does happen, I pray that your little babe will arrive safely into your arms.
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Sending more "thinking of you" thoughts your way, mama.........HUGS!
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