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toddler, milk bottle, pacifier

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My 2 yr old son LOVES his milk, at night he has a bottle of milk (which I water down) before bed and wakes up at night sometimes wanting more milk.

He only began with a bottle at age 1, before that it was exclusively breast milk and no bottles at all.

Should I be weaning him from the milk bottle??
I'd like to hear what other parents done with their kids getting them off the bottle.

Also my son still likes his pacifier, I only let him have it when he goes to bed at night or has a nap and if we're driving somewhere in the car, which isn't that often.

Do they eventually grow out of pacifier use? Or should I throw them all away and make him stop using them cold turkey. Just wondering.

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I believe in having a child self-wean even with bottles. My first dd was bottlefed pumped milk and later formula and cow's milk. I did wean her from milk bottles early, in favor of water bottles. I gradually watered it down. I allowed milk at night only during growth spurts or when she was sick. I also held her for all bottle feedings because I wanted to "nurse" her as closely to bfing as I could. She self-weaned from bottles at 17 mos. old but still needed sippy cups of milk for comfort for a long time after that. At age four she still needs her milk when she first wakes up.

I would discourage milk at night because of tooth decay. It's a very real problem. Bottles themselves, I believe, are okay until he self-weans. Others may feel differently. If you feel funny about him having them in public at his age, see if he will accept cups when out, and bottles only at home when he needs comfort.

Pacis are the same way. I feel self-weaning is best. My oldest is 4.5 and still needs to suck her fingers sometimes. It is decreasing as she gets older. My toddler is a paci baby and still very much needs them for comfort and for sleep and that's okay with me. She has reflux and sucking helps her a lot with that problem, too. Some kids just need to suck for longer than others.
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My 3 1/2 year old weaned off his bottle at about 2 1/2 years. He only took it at night but I didn't see it as a big deal. Like the pp said . . . I let him self-wean with the bottle. He took his paci up until Janurary of this year. We *weaned* him of the paci but, really, he was ready to give it up. He never asked for it once they were gone. We took him to the dentist and she said that he had an open bite forming (where the front teeth don't touch when the child bites together). We just told him the tooth doctor said it was time for the binkies to go. He was cool with that.

My 18 month old never took a paci so, no problem there. He still takes milk bottles for naps, bedtime and any other time he needs comfort (when he has fallen and gotten hurt, when daddy leaves for work, ect). He still wakes at night but very infrequently and needs a bottle.
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Actually at night I water down the milk. To help prevent tooth decay cause I'd heard about that.

RE: open bite. Alas! I have this too my son probably will as well, but I'm sure it's genetic because as a baby/child I didn't use a pacifier or suck my thumb at all.

I will have him only drink milk from a cup when we're out and let him have a bottle at night (or naptime too??) same with the pacifier. And not obsess too much about it, but let (weaning) it happen naturally.

Thanks everyone.
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my 3.5 year old still gets a paci about 15% of the time. only at nights now and about 1 or 2 outta the week. however i "weaned" him because he was using it exxacsivly (spelling sorry!!) like he had in ihis mouth all day and night. my 14 month old still gets the occasional bottle but mostly a cup. however he is in that "whatever big brother is doing I NEED to do" so...
i am no help am i. lol sorry ok helpful wise i say with the paci as long as it isnt in his mouth 24/7 let him have it he still needs to suck. bottles id try to switch him to a cup at least during the day and defintly try to switch his night time bottle to water
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My 2.5 yr old DD Loved her bottle also. She had to have a bottle for naps and bedtime. She was breast fed til self weaning... bottle was not as easy.

So two weeks before christmas I made a *HUGE* deal about her giving her bottles to Santa, in return he would bring her a *big girl* present.
I got her a small box, pulled a chair up to the counter and handed her bottles to her. She put each and every one into the box herself. Then she closed the box, got off the chair, took her box and put it under the tree. All by herself.

I kept one bottle out just in case. She never one time asked for it. Santa came, took her bottles to give them to another lil girl who needed them and left my DD a beautiful new *big girl booster seat* for the car.
She needed an new carseat, moving out of the convertable one. Worked out wonderfully!
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Old thread, but this is worth sharing... Milk is not harmful to teeth even in a bottle...I believe people take away bottles too young these days.

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