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Quaz, i loved the feeling that i got from your christmas morning piece...very ubi sunt. it made me long for that time with you. i also wondered about those doghnuts and if your mother made them from a special recipe. if you had the recipe you could lengthen it a bit and submit it to a magazine for a seasonal piece...i would like the recipe, too, by the way.
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BK, i liked the rhythm of the poem. it was like pacing. it made me a bit nervous at the end. i could feel your anxiety. or maybe the anxiety that i know i would be feeling if i were in a similar situation.
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BelovedK- Transition.

LOL. I hadn't even noticed this poem before. I just love it. Wouldn't change an iota on it.

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zenful- thanks.

I only wish there was a recipe. My mom would pick them up in the frozen section of the grocery store for Christmas every year.

I haven't seen them for a long time, and I have no idea even who made them.

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Tammy, do you like to bake? i do, maybe it was a streudel. perhaps you could experiment with your chitlluns. I think that sounds like a wonderful tradition to start. It's handy because you don't have to get up so early (after being up so late)..and it's special to the children. I think i may do a little "research" in the name of picking blueberries and making a streudel afterwards...then perhaps freezing it and see how it tastes. what a neat idea to tell children that we are making these now to eat at Christmas! wow, i think my sons would really dig it.
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ok, bk, Weakly Dred is a GREAT title for the poem. i missed that detail before...
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