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Thanks Simonee. I'm glad at least one person wants to meet me!
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I'm naming a few that I feel I've connected with...they put up with my 'poor me threads' and have really given me much support...I have gotten lots of support..and would love to meet all mamas, but this is a huge community, it's only 'normal' (I hate using that word.. ) to stick to a small group you've connected the most with...and I'm sure my 'list' would be everchanging, as I 'meet' the new names, or the old ones...

Clarity (who truly lives up to her screen name imho)
Karenpl(mama to 6 beautiful kids)
Valerie(french sister who lives near my cottage)

I KNOW I'm missing a ton of sisters...sorry for those that I've missed!


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Squeezemama, Spiralwoman..
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Mamasoleil, I would like to meet you too When are you going to be at your cottage???

Seriously, I would like to meet everyone here! Even if my English is worst when I talk than when I write
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I'm churning over this calender idea. See, I think it might be a great way for MDC to haul in much needed funds! Only, I think we should expand the idea. Perhaps market several different calenders. We could have one with the "mods of mdc" or even the "activism regulars." How about "pregnant beauties?" Any others?
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I like teh calendar idea also, only we all have to promise to buy one for each of our family members for the holidays.

I am right there with you "sittin' at the nerd table", still there, but no worries, I am still the coolest Mama I know.

Now as for meeting you all, come on over, I could always use some good Mama and Papa vibes. I would like to meet Lalaluna and ocean mommy because I live only a short drive away from them. (maybe we can arrange this: )

BUT, I would love to meet so many of you. It would be great to have a Mothering Family get together somewhere. There would probably have to be a few scattered across the world, not all can afford to travel far, but I'm with it.
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Well, I was supposed to meet ParisMaman next summer in either Paris or Dublin, but she is moving to Kazikstan (sp) just to avoid me.

Okay, so I'm joking, I'm not really that paranoid!
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I'm still wondering if she's going to change her name to "KazikstanMaman"
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No, actually Irishmommy, she told me she WAS moving just so she didn't have to meet you!!!:LOL

You and I need to meet to share a cup of ..um..tea.(I won't tell if you won't tell)

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Amywillo, my two favorite NFL teams are the Green Bay Packerz, and whoever is playing the Chicago Bears this week. I was pulling for the Wisconsin Badgers, until they decided to take a dive. Now I'm rooting for Georgia... how bout them Dawgs!

The Angels have the best pitcher in baseball, mamapie? I do remembering a discussion about pitching vs. catching in the past. But I don't know if that's something that should be discussed here again.

Hubristically yours,
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The Bears are the best team. Chicago is the best town. You are jealous, Hugh Briss.

Get yo mind outta the gutter, btw.

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Peggy I knew it!!! The things people will do to avoid me.

We have been on vacation to Cape Cod a couple of times, and would love to go back. We'll definitely have to figure out meeting then!
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There are so many people here I'd like to meet!
I don't want anyone to feel left out (for the record, I have yet to make anyone's short list but I'm okay with that! I'm more of a lurker than a poster), but I'd like to meet oceanbaby and serena, mainly because we had our first babies about the same time, and because you sound like friends I have IRL. I kind of feel like I know you already because we've been on all the same forums at the same time -- I'm Pregnant, Life With a Babe, and now Toddler-ville. Wondering who will be back to the Pregnant forum first!

You all rock. All of you.

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ahhhhhh Now I can feel the LOVE!

Thanks all
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Mamapie: I didn't know Spanky is a Jackson! Yay!
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I'd like to meet Selu Gigage because her name gets stuck in my head! I think I'm afraid to meet Mamapie after I had a, hmmm how do I put this... kinda naughty dream about her... even though I've never met her? Ahhh, so embarrassing...

Anyway, go Angels, and it is not football season, it is hockey season.

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The hubrys of Aquiles, that was. However, I'm so close to the final lobothomy that I was thinking something around Hugh Grant :

I must confess that the old and most popular members have always inspired me some kind of fascination, like if they all knew first and better than me, that's why I've always wanted to meet them (i won't list, no, no, no because i will commit unforgetable omissions)

Needless to say, I've always wanted to meet my Mex friends @ the Spanish threads;

The free birthers are another group I look up with curiosity.

As you can see, I tend to label people in groups. How bad is that?
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Go Blackhawks! I love me some hockey...

so, owensmom, what was your little dream all about there?
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Originally posted by Hilary Briss
Amywillo, my two favorite NFL teams are the Green Bay Packerz, and whoever is playing the Chicago Bears this week.
My two teams were always the Redskins, then the Packers. My mom is a diehard Packers fan even though she's lived in the DC area for over 30 years. She really doesn't care about football unless the Packers are playing. Now my husband is a Miami Dolphins fan from long back and I've decided I'm rooting for the Dolphins this year.
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I'd like to meet mamapie, smilemomma, cattrane, willow and yammer, lala and many others.

I HAVE met:

and many others!
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