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Can you get pertussis more than once?

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Hi everyone. Our homeschooling group had a bunch of kids do standardized testing last week and one of the kids just was diagnosed with pertussis. The question that came up is whether a person can get it more than once or if they develop immunity to it.

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As with the vaccine, immunity via natural exposure also wanes over time.
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i was just talking to an older amish man who was working for us last week. i was grilling him pretty good b/c most amish don't vax. anyway, he claimed he knew a man who had whooping cough three times. he also said he himself had measles (maybe it was mumps?) twice.
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Natural immunity to pertussis lasts about as long as the vax does - about 10 years.
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interesting...Thanks for the info ladies :-)
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In the "old" days when whooping cough would go around every four years, you would get one clinical attack and then your natural booster dose, and no clinical disease, so long as you "met" it at least once every 8 - 12 years. Then, you wouldn't see clinical disease more than once. But because vaccination has made the circulation of the bacteria sporadic, and also because older people don't live in families, repeat whooping cough from pertussis is becoming common in both USA and Netherland.

It hasn't yet become common here, because the vaccines we use have been so bad that they have done absolutely nothing about the whooping cough anyway. Hospital admissions and deaths are still what they were pre-vaccine.

But even so, I do know some people who were vaccinated, but who have just got over their second clinical bout of whooping cough.

do be aware though,that nowadays, to protect the vaccine, they "admit" that whooping cough can also be caused by adenoviruses, and bronchoseptica as well as a couple of other "organisms" so if you are vaccinated they are much more likely to try to prove to you that its NOT pertussis. If you are not vaccinated, OF COURSE it will be pertussis. What else could it possibly be if you are stupid enough not to vaccinate!!

Now, given in your case, the test is positive, well, all I would do is wind up the decent food, increase the vitamin C and a mineral formula and yell "bring it on, I want my booster dose." Probably absolutely nothing will happen.

Re the other diseases,... well our two have had measles twice, and the oldest rubella twice.

And if you look at the medical literature at the subclauses in the chickenpox literature... guess what??? going round and round : It says...." repeated chickenpox is more common than previously thought"

So you see, it all illustrated just what a shonky foundation of sand the whole immunisation busines was built on in the first place.
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