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Nursing Necklace Bead Exchange

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I was lurking on another board and they are doing a bead exchange for a birth necklace. Since we did not do this, but I love the idea, I was thinking maybe we could do a swap for beads to make a nursing necklace. Is anyone else interested? I love the idea of having something to connect me to all of you mommas and the help we have been to eachother and will continue to be to eachother as our babies grow.

They way I was thinking it would work is for everyone interested to sign up and each person would send a bead to EVERYONE else on the list. I would be willing to keep a list and then get rid of it after this is done.

I don't know where to get or make beads, so if anyone has any ideas or a better way to do this, let me know!

What do you think, what in????
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No one???

No one wants to do this?
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Must have missed this post the first time around! I would be interested...we have several bead shops in the area so no problem for finding interesting beads. What do you string them onto? Are certain beads not used for safety reasons?
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i think this is a great idea. i used to make nursing necklaces for my nursing friends. i used generic beads, but i would love to do an exchange with some really cool and non generic beads .

you can use 50 lbs hemp cord for the necklace HTH...

i hope more people sign up, cause this would be a nice momento
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I have never made a nursing necklace, but could not have made it through nursing an older baby/toddler without mine . I just thought this would be a good way to support and remember each other as our babies grow. My other nn has plastic beads, which I am not oppesed to, but I found this awesome site with natural beads, what do you think?


Would these work, probably not the shell beads, but what about the others? I love the nn that have a stone circle or tablet on them, does anyone know where to find something like this? Any other ideas from mommas that have made them?

I am so glad someone else is interested in this!
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Is anyone else up for this? I was think it would work best if we had atleast 10 people, anyone in???
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I would like to do this.
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Need at least 5 more people :)

OK, so I have

Me (jessmcg)

We need to recruit a few more mommas and we can do this!
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Nursing Necklace Bead exchange

Please add me to the list of participants. I would be happy to be a part of this sharing/exchange group

Michele Mosesman
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I'd like to be added to the list, if it's not specific to a particular month. I don't post often, unless I have a contribution to make.
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