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Baby Allergic to Dairy in My Diet

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At 5 months old, my daughter started having small spots of blood in her stool. We figured out it was from dairy in my diet. She's now 12 months old, and I've started gradually adding some dairy back into my diet. Anybody have any experience with this??

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Yup, I'm in the same boat with my 7.5 month DS. We realized he was sensitive to dairy and soy when he was 1 month so I cut them out of my diet. He can now tolerate very small amounts of soy (such as a soy latte or soy sauce in a stir fry) but that's it. We tried dairy again last weekend but he can't tolerate it yet, he had a rough couple of days. Oh well, I'll try again sometime after one year.

What did you add back into your diet first? Did you find that there were certain dairy products she could tolerate better than others?

Oh, and welcome to MDC!
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Thanks for the welcome!! I'm loving this place. It's so great to find people with similar parenting philosophies.

I added butter first, in baked goods. I had a cookie for my first experiment, and she did fine. I haven't had any milk, but I've had butter and a tiny amount of cheese a few times. I also had a frappacino the other day, and she didn't have a reaction. That was my first frappacino in 8 months.

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I don't actually know whether my kids are dairy sensitive (I think ds might be, when I cheat he tells me!) because I don't eat hardly any at all (no whey, no lactase, no milk products at ALL). However, hard cheese, mozzarella, and youghert are where you should best start. Butter and milk (inc. creams, sour cream, and all the softer cheeses) are the hardest to digest. Good luck mamas!
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My experience has been that butter and cheese are best tolerated. She was okay with some sour cream last week, and I had chicken with a yogurt sauce tonight so we'll see. Mozerella, cottage cheese, milk are the big no-nos.

Btw, a lot of yummy things can be made with rice milk. I've done cheese sauce and buttercream frosting, and somebody posted a recipe the other day for a mocha frappuchino with it (it's in the first Babylicious april thread if anyone wants to look for it. )
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Sorry, kinda long / Different perspective to think about

Our older dd is milk allergic (no, NOT lactose intolerant) and I first figured it out when she was 3-4 mos old. Her symptoms were extreme fussiness, "colic", a sandpaper like rash and a red anal ring rash that looked like a burn whenever I had a lot of dairy in my diet. When I mentioned it to one of our peds he told me it was a coincidence and tried to explain away the symptoms, but I countered with the fact that pre-mama days I was a molecular biology associate and knew how to conduct a trial thank-you-very-much! and we agreed to disagree. He did add that most milk "sensitive" kids outgrow it between 6 and 12 mos, and to try it later. Well, at 9 mos we caved at her plainitive lunges for a soft serve ice cream dh had, and she got hives, swelling, and a flame red rash. She also gets 1-2 weeks of colitis (no blood thank God) if she ingests any milk proteins. Fast forward just under 4 yrs, and she is still milk allergic. We educated ourselves and we're doing fine, mostly.
If your child's symptoms are any of the "classic" ones like rash/hives/vomiting/breathing trouble please consider consulting a pediatric allergist before trials. Repeated exposures can increase sensitivity in food allergies, unlike other allergies which sometimes respond to desensitization. Although a lot of kids' milk allergies/sensitivities are mild and are relatively quickly outgrown, some are more serious and like my daughter's, progress to potentially life-threatening levels. We have had an EpiPen Jr for her since her diagnosis at 9 mos, and never had need for it until last week. Her otherwise very loving and doting gf forgot about the milk allergy and put cows' milk on her cereal. Luckily, my dh was there and when she started to complain her tongue felt "spicy" he went into the kitchen to check on her and saw the hives. She responded well to a hefty dose of antihistamines, but if she hadn't quickly she would have gotten the Epi and a ambulance ride to the ED. I'm not trying to spook anyone, or elicit sympathy, just put some facts out there that someone reading this thread might need.
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i have an 8 month old that allergic to dairy. he has had blood testing and is also allergic to peanuts, treenuts and cats.
i had to chuckle kelly( which btw, i am kelly too, and from cumberland county NJ!) the way you said no, not lactose intolerant, because i HATE HATE HATE that everyone confuses the two and constantly asks me, when i say ben is allergic, they say oh "lactose intolerant"

anyhow.blood in the stools is serious, so be careful carole. sounds like you are well educated! now its just nice to know that you aren't alone! i have been dairy free for 7 months now! and let me tell you how is urks me that dairy is in EVERYTHING!!!! like, why do saltine crackers need to have dairy in them??!! oh, but thats just a whole other thread!
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Honestly, I would just skip trying it w/ them. Both my boys are milk/soy intolerant (we're all on strict diets for that) and my oldest will be 2 in a month and still has issues. Tonight he was acting weird, but for the life of me I can't figure out what he ate that would cause problems! Anyways, if they can't handle it all, don't give any. The longer you expose them the more likely they are to not outgrow it and like was mentioned, it can get worse.
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Another mama here with a dairy sensitive babe.

We discovered the problem at about 1 month. She was inconsolably colicky from birth and had horrible gas & green runny bowel movements. As soon as I cut out dairy most of the symptoms went away and when I cut out soy I had a happy baby.

I've been slowing introducing some small amounts of dairy into my diet over the last month or so (she's nearly 8 months old now). The only straight dairy food I had was a scoop of vanilla ice cream about two weeks ago. Otherwise it's eating some foods occasionally that have dairy added (butter mostly). I'm still very cautious and watch her closely for signs of any discomfort.

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