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Ok, should I go to Nepal?

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My daughter is going to Nepal to work in an orphanage and the friend she was going with cannot make it now.

Jessica wants *me* to go with her (at the end of June.)

My heart leapt and thought, "yes, yes, I want to go".

But I'm broke but if I'm supposed to go the money will be there.

And there's the little detail about the other kiddos, too but that can be taken care of.

So, opinions??

Debra Baker
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Sounds like an adventure of a life time. If you can swing it, then yes... you should go.

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I say go!!! i had a client who lived there for two years and the stories she tells are just incredible. You'd never regret it!
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Normally I would say - "Go for it". But with the political system there at the moment and the trouble with the Maoists...it wouldn't be high on my list.

My girlfriend is in the process of adopting a baby from Nepal at the moment - where is the orphanage that you would be working at?
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My first reaction is NO! NO!! Don't go and don't let her go either. It's so unstable and dangerous there right now.

My calmer, more rational side thinks that you should definitely go, but keep a close eye on the political situation and be ready to cancel at a moment's notice if things get worse.

Can you tell that I'm not much of a risk taker any more? :
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I don't know how old are your other kids, but if that is not a problem, I would certainly GO!!!
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I would be all over it. I say GO !!!!!!!!!!! and have fun. I would love to have that chance
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Go go go! Or send me in your stead!
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I have a daughter stationed in Ramadi Iraq how could I weanie out of this??

Anyway I'm a brown belt in Shotokan karate I can take care of myself.

Debra Baker
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Yes, yes, yes! You should go, db, it sounds like a great opportunity to visit Nepal in a fairly safe volunteer environment. I'll try not to be too jealous....

How long will you be away for?
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