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Any Pregnancy Symptoms yet??

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Okay, I've decided that the January thread is probably the best fit for me.. seeing as my due date is like the 30th of December.. what are the chances she'll be born on time???
So, are any of you getting symptoms yet?
I never thought I'd get them so early, so I keep thinking -'is it in my head??' but here is how I feel..
sore breasts, mostly every area but the nipple area.
leaky feeling
mild crampiness, but that seems to be going away.. it was more like the day before I found out and for a day or two after.
no food sounds good.. esp. sweet things.
I wake up early and can't get back to sleep! (not normal for me at all!!)
I am tired
I just started feeling mildly irritated on sunday.. and still felt it yesterday..
oh and this morning in the shower, I noticed that I lost barely any hair!! Usually I have handfuls of it (even though I still have super thick hair) but today, just a little came out! Now, I think people usually assume it's the prenatal vitamins... but I've been taking those since August! So, it has to be something with the baby!

I do feel different.. I wonder if it's because I'd been charting temps and paying such close attention to my body signals that now I'm super in tune and notice everything!? I keep feeling my boobs to see if they are still sore! hahahaa
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Oh yes! My "due" date is December 26th but my babes bake two weeks longer

I have sore sore sore nipples and breasts. Every time Livia latches on I have to grit my teeth for about 30 seconds Very sick feeling, lots of watery discharge, tired.. soooo tired.

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frogmorest my due sate is probably the 26th, (i haven't seen the Dr yet)

i have no symptoms and it's freaking me out.

look at the pic in my siggee those lines were instant.
I am going home to take more test. the DR won't see me until 8-12 weeks, does that seem silly to anyone else?

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Don't freak out Some women don't experience any symptoms till 6 weeks or so... and some women NEVER experience any symptoms of pregnancy! With my first babe, I never experienced any symptoms other than fatique until 6-7 weeks...

If you are due the 26th too than we are both just over 5 weeks. So give it a bit.

Dr's don't usually like to see mama's early cause there is really nothing they can do for you... other than the early bloodwork and such. You could always contact a midwife though
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Definitely tender breasts - the nipples (although I'm not to gritting my teeth at nursing yet) and the area around them. The areas that attach my breasts seem to just ache a lot.

Still getting quite a bit of crampiness and have to re-adjust my pants often to alleviate that.

Oh fatigue.. man am I tired.. 60% of the day or more!

Sometimes I want to eat the house and other times I don't want to go near anything. It seems to be leaning more toward the latter lately.

Back aches - a lot of them (lower). Muscle pulling in my upper abdomen and neck aches.

And I have just popped out - I know that it's because I've already had a baby and the cramps but give me another couple of weeks and you could guess me at 4 months pregnant! lol

Yep, definitely feeling pregnant most of the time (which is what I prefer)! Oh and due around December 28th but Nathan was 5 days late and induced!
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Definitely sore nipples....I'm having a VERY hard time nursing, never had a hard time this early when I was pregnant with DS2.
I had a major crying fit today which really freaked out DH, since I'm rarely that emotional.
Other than that, a bit of cramping which I'm trying to not get nervous about and larger breasts. My pants are already too tight, probably cause I've already done this twice.
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I am showing alot of the same signs as alot of you. i also am out of my pants, but I have never had kids!!! I swear i am eating way better than pre-pregnancy, so what gives??? And you all better not tell me I am having multiples! .

I haven't been that emotional except for yesterday. DH and I were discussing pictures to send to his parents announcing our pregnancy. One picture was "We killed the rabbit" and I wanted to get a tombstone .gif and photoshop "harvey" on it (Harvey is the 6 ft rabbit that only Jimmy Stewart can see. FIL would totally get this). Dh suggested we behead the toy bunny he gave me for Easter! i totally flipped out. I meant to be kidding and started to say "Don't hurt my bunny" but there were tears in my eyes! So crazy!
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Yeah, I forgot to mention the emotions too! I got in a huge tiff with Nana while she was here and even though I was trying to make nice in the middle of it - it got really ugly and she left two days early.. it had to be the hormones! I lived two floors below her and saw her daily for 6 months only 2 months ago - we were very close, even after the "tiff" we were close again.. I so wanted to tell her about the pregnancy and ease her mind but I just really need to wait. So, in two more months she'll understand what happened!

And Dan and I are walking a thin line about 20% of the time - tonight he started talking about spanking Nathan soon, I thought I was going to lose my mind! But I kept it together knowing that this wouldn't happen and me yelling at him and scaring Nathan probably wouldn't help!

*sigh* Pregnancy is so emotional!
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well i got a little crampy yesterday, my pants are already a little tight.
I got in a little tiff with DH who announced after this baby he was getting "snipped". What a butt he's being. almost makesme want twins so i get my three kids.

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Originally Posted by jewelysmommy
Almost makes me want twins so I get my three kids.
Big Huge Nod!! Dan has said we'd be done after two regardless of gender for a long time (although at times he said we could try until three for a girl) but I've always wanted three! And yet, I've seen moms with twins.. it doesn't looke easy!
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twins are hard, i am a twin. That's actually the first thing my mom siad when i told her.

i told my husband that and he said "dear god no"
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Yep, my sisters are identical twins. They were easy compared to most children but I've seen many other moms with twins and while it definitely is a double blessing - it doesn't look easy either!
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my twin sister and i fall into the difficult category. very high in spirits and no fear.

my dd is just like that.

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I have no symptoms so far, and I'm "due" Dec. 28. I was a little tired this morning, but my 2 yr old was rolling and kicking all over the place last night so I didn't get very good sleep. I have no boob issues yet (except they're bigger already!) which is good because my son nurses constantly. Still fitting my clothes just fine, etc. I was a little nauseous for a couple days last week but that seems to be over. I haven't even had the migraine issues that plagued my last pregnancy, although I did have one about a week ago- but not every day like with Julian. I attribute it to drinking a ton of water and eating protein like crazy. Oh, I forgot. I do pee much more- I'd like to be able to sleep the night through without having to go to the bathroom in the cold.
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Yes! And I'm a little freaked out because I'm only 11 dpo. I've been dizzy the past two days, definitely queasy. Eating helps but only if I eat before I get hungry (THAT is how I gained 20 lbs by 20 weeks last time :LOL ). Very frequent urination; a bit of constipation.

Nursing has been fine and I'm hoping to avoid the very sore nipples that I had from 8 dpo or so last time.

The distinct signs so early and the fairly prominent HPT at 10 dpo have me a teeny, tiny bit worried that I'll be joining my RL friend in the twins club. I just keep repeating "early implantation" to myself.
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No symptoms here whatsoever, except the expected giddiness alternating with anxiety.. Hanging out on these boards really also makes you realize how much can go wrong, unfortunately.
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I know what you mean gabry!! I guess we just really need to NOT worry - although it's hard - and go with the flow. What is meant to be will be!

So, yesterday my nipples started being sensitive! Up til then, it was only my whole breast, esp. the sides.. Now the sides hurt a little, but the nips do too!

Yesterday my mom said, so are you feeling any morning sickness yet? I said noo She's like, good maybe you won't get it! I said, yeah, but I WAAANT it! hahah I want every symptom imaginable!! I want proof that this hcg is rising a the right speed... am I crazy!?! hahhaa

I think I get more tired every day... I've been taking two naps! AND going to bed earlier than normal too! I never sleep this much!
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Yuk, I'm feeling miserable. All-day sickness has kicked in.
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With my daughter I was sick all the time, that's how I found out. Now this time, I feel almost nothing. I'm only at 6 weeks, so maybe things will change. Of couse my breasts are tender, and I've started getting a stuffy nose, and I'm pretty tired, but that's all. I actually went and got another pregnancy test and took it again today, just to be sure. It went to positve almost immediately, just like the one I took at the beginning of the week. Maybe this will be an "easier" pregnancy than my first.
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