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Confessions of an Organized Homemaker

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Anyone else read this book? I'm really loving it so far. It has helped me tackle decluttering jobs I was really hesitant to do, like the kitchen "junk" drawers and the bathroom cabinets.

Are their parts of this book that have helped you out? Or parts that didn't seem pratical at all?

I also love her idea about the cake pan for the kids for travelling... the kind with the sliding cover. I'm asking for that for DS's b-day since we're moving cross-country about that time.
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lol what a tease! I thought you were going to tell us how to be organized :LOL
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Originally Posted by kay4
lol what a tease! I thought you were going to tell us how to be organized :LOL
: Me too!
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I liked this book a lot. I read it a little while after dd was born and I was having a really hard time keepng on top of everything. I had been a housekeeper at a fancy B & B, and cleaned fancy homes as a teen, but I had no idea how to run a household. My dm is not very organized, so I nothing to base my homemaking on except this book, Home Comforts (the how to bible of housekeeping), and Shelter for the Spirit (making your home a sanctuary type book). Anyways, what I got from this book is how to be ruthless to get rid of clutter, how to store things in an organized way, and how to get into a routine to keep on top of things. Some things I didn't use were some of her ideas for how to organize things, like the dishpans or baggies and color-coding. But over-all, it is a very good book. It seems a little silly to be researching all this stuff, but I find that when my home is clean and organized I have more time to spend with my kids or on projects and less time cleaning, I am less stressed, dh and kids are more comfortable, and my home feels, well...homey.
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geesh, another book I have to go read now.
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I have this book and refer to it a lot.

2 of the biggest tips that helped me are:

1) the one-motion rule. For things that I use all the time, try to put in easy, one motion reach. The basic pots that I use every day are not nesting inside each other, but spread out in the lower cabinet. The other ones not used so much are on a higher shelf. The medium bowl I use all the time by itself in the front of the cabinet, and put the other 3 bowls in nesting positon further back on the shelf. Saves time cuz I can just reach in and grab what I need.

2) the litter box pans for dd's books. New, clean ones of course! :LOL This is so great. I have about 4 pans and 2 smaller baskets that are on her 2-shelf bookshelf. The books stand up, covers facing forward, and dd can flip through her books and pick out which ones she wants. Very easy to put away, too!

I like her general ideas about organizing.

The one thing I have not had success with is the appointment book/daily planner. It is such a good idea, but I never can get the hang of it. I am just not in the habit of writing stuff down in one book. Same thing with the control journal at the Flylady site. I know I could be much more organized if I could just do this.

Anyway, I think it's a good book for general and specific ideas, especially if you don't know where to start.
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so....any of ya'll have one you want to part with?
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Originally Posted by dready*mama
I also love her idea about the cake pan for the kids for travelling... the kind with the sliding cover. I'm asking for that for DS's b-day since we're moving cross-country about that time.

Ok..you have to elaborate on this...what cake pan is this and what do you do with it??

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Not that "Confessions of an Organized Homemaker" isn't great, it is, but... I am reading this book and really enjoying it. There are some great tips I have never seen in any other book.

Home Organizing Workbook: Clearing Your Clutter, Step-By-Step

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Simply - that definitly sounds like a book I'd grab if I ever see it! Thanks for the recommendation

Caroline - it's a 9x13 metal cake pan that has the lid that slides on and off. I know I've seen them before, but not sure if they are sold retail anymore - I may have to check ebay! Anyhow, It's for coloring books, markers, crayons, etc. We had the lap desk for a while and it hardly held anything and it was hard for even my 4yo to open. So the cake pan should be easy to slide the lid on and off, we can glue clothespins on the top for holding artwork, as well as decorate it on the outside. And it will hold a bunch of stuff!
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I need to read this book again! I loved it the first time.

The things I took from and are still using a few years later are buying tupperware or gladware containers for your baking goods like flour, sugar, etc. You can then stack them up in your pantry, and not make a big mess every time you need to get a cup of flour.

I made a "baking drawer" with all my measuring cups and utensils for baking.

I think she talks about making a weekly or biweekly menu and doing your shopping all at once? I try to do that as much as possible.

Also try to do the one touch rule, but things still seem to keep stacking up!
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I just got this book while on vacation. I spent today (first full day back) completely redoing my pantry. I didn't throw much away, just reorganized things and I am amazed at how much more space I have and now stuff doesn't fall on me when I open the door. I tried to use the one motion rule where I could. I don't have much storage space in my kitchen though. I am also re-assesing what I use and what I don't.

I haven't finished the book yet. I haven't even finished the kitchen section yet-LOL. I am looking forward to seeing what else it inspires in me.
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I loved that book, There is also The Confessions of an Organized Family....now i want to reread them but don't know where they are :LOL
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I have a feeling I'm going to have to read that book! I have hesitated because I figured since she's so well-organized I wouldn't learn from her, lol. The ideas that have been posted here sound really interesting.

Loon13 - Can you elaborate more on the litter pan idea? I'm having a hard time picturing books standing up in a litter box without falling over. Or am I forgetting how deep litter boxes really are? LOL.

The cake pan idea sounds interesting too. I'm wondering, do you use the lid of the pan as a drawing surface? I think my lidded cake pan has ridges on it. I may have to search for one that's flat!

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I totally thought it was going to be your tips on how to get organized too (like kay4) :LOL

The book sounds good - I'm going to see if I can request it from another library (I live in a small town, with a small library )

I am very interested to hear how the litter pans work too - please elaborate!
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I love the litter box idea. I don't know why I hadn't thought of that before, having seen it in pre-schools & kindergartens! Awesome! We have oodles of books that I didn't know what to do with.

I try for the one-touch rule, and also try never leaving a room empty-handed, impossible anyway with my 11-month-old critter!

The only thing that has saved me when I purge is being realistic about what I'll actually will EVER want to use again. And become much less sentimental with possessions. After all, I have my memories! I wish DD and DH were more like me -- the clutter from their stuff drives me crazy. Deep breath!
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We have a modified version of the litter pan idea, we cut the tops off of square cardboard moving boxes, made them about the height of a litter pan. Then just sit the books in, fronts facing out so the kids can flip through. It really is a wonderful system!!

And the cake pan....a couple of years ago I gave one of these to my dd for Christmas. I had purchased little wooden magnets at TJMaxx and I put them in the pan. Our pan has a tupperware type lid, that she used as a surface for holding paper. She could play out little stories with the magnets in the pan. It was a big hit!
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Is this the kind of lidded cake pan you mean?

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