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any one use unsweetened yogurt directly on rash or vagina?
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sorry bin away.....

Thanks for the info. I've heard of the grape fruit extract, although I haven't tried it. Where would I find it? Is it safe to give to babe, and does it have to be diluted?? Thanks again.
BTW the diaper rash is just about cleared up, but the oral thrush is still there, how frustrating!! My poor boy. I've been opening the acidophilus caps, and letting ds suck the powder off my finger.

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Mallory- I personally never have tried that, but I know my aunt used to do "yogurt douches" and I also know she has struggled w/ candida related problems for years. So, maybe she did these douches for yeast reasons????

Lisamarie- here are some signs of candida-

*Recurrent vaginal yeast infections
*Mental "fogginess"
*Digestive and urinary problems
*Irritable Bowel Syndrome
*Frequent Headaches(especially headaches after eating)
*Chronic Fatigue
*Food sensativities and allergies
*Anal itching

***and the list goes on and on. Many symptoms of candida overgrowth are unexplainable to "standard' Western doctors. Which can be very frustrating and confusing to people suffering from this.
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We used the gentian violet in his mouth- not ideal, but we were at a loss when nothign else worked.
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I bought Grape fruit extract tablets at a health store. I never gave any of it to my babies, but took the recommended dosage myself with acidophilus, and Vit C. It took a little bit for the thrush to go away, but this combo was what finally conquered it for me. And as I've continued taking it all, they haven't gotten it again!
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Hi Ya'll. I haven't been on this forum in a while. Good to see ya again.

My 2 montth old just had oral thrush and I tried a remedy I got out of a natural childcare book. It worked awesome!!!!

take 5 bayleaves and boil in 2 cups of water for 20 minutes. (you will see some oil floating in water)... allow to cool. Take out leaves and stir up. Put about 2 to 3 drops on baby's tongue. do this 2x per day for up to aweek.

I only used it for three days and the thrush was gone!!!!
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