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What book do you recommend?

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Hi all,

I posted this on the GD board but also wanted to get some twin mama feedback. Is there any specific GD book you would recommend buying? I have a 2 yr old (28 mos) and 10 mos twins. I need help mostly for disciplining 2yo right now...but I'm sure it won't be long till I'll need it for my girls too.

Also I never did get to buy Mothering Multiples. It was on my list to do and all of the sudden my girls are 10 mos now! : Anyway do you think it would be beneficial to read still at this stage?

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I have found Mothering Multiples to be extremely helpful as the girls got older. Go for it!
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I'm finally back with more details - I was beginning to post last night and Alicia called me back to nurse and I forgot to come back.

Here's what I've found helpful about Mothering Multiples in the toddler years:
1. Multiples-proofing tips for even the most crafty and physical of multiples sets.
2. Descriptions of the multiples dynamic and how it affects everything from breastfeeding to eating solids to getting out and about to relationships with siblings to.... you name it.
3. Information about breastfeeding multiple toddlers and the course of weaning in multiples.
4. BTDT information about gentle discipline of toddlers under even the most trying of circumstances.
5. Most of all, reassurance that behavior that our friends with singletons can't imagine and don't believe when we tell them is actually a fact of life with multiple toddlers, and ways to support what works and minimize what doesn't.
6. Karen Gromada's information is also based on her experience with her twins, children numbers 4 and 5 in her own family, so relationships with older siblings along with GD within the multiples set are discussed.

I highly highly recommend Mothering Multiples. If you are on a budget, maybe ask your LLL group to order a copy as it really is a must-have for any LLL group.

Good luck!
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Hi Amy - Thanks for the details! You convinced me to get it. I just ordered it on Amazon for $14.16 w/ship. I think it will be well worth the money. Karen - 1plus2 - is always recommending it too as well as others.

I can't wait for it to get here!!
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