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Originally Posted by Abylite
Glad someone mentioned Melanie....that's my name, and you don't hear it very often. I have a sister Melissa.
How funny...I know sisters named Melissa and Melanie and their dad's name is Monty!
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Originally Posted by mimie
thismama - I do like Maya Elizabeth!
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That name didn't make it to my list because I find it too popular (for my tastes). Elizabeth is our middle name too, we're looking at A & M names for a girl and I think we've settled on one (starts with A).

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yes yes yes, Meredith Kiyomi -- it's gorgeous, I love it! And I'm picky
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I have a Madeline. She has second cousin that is a Madelyn. Every once is a while I run into another Maddie, but around here it tends to be a Madison, not a Madeline. I still think it is a classic name and I say go for it.
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Just thought I'd throw my two cents in here...What about

Marlena Kiyomi ?

To me, Marlena has that same femininity that I love about Madeline, but it's less popular.
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People will slaughter spelling and pronunciation of ANY name you choose at some point. Seriously! Jane could be turned into Jayne. John into Jon. I have people ask me how to spell my name, Jessica. Where have these people been?! It was the top name for like a decade. Anyway...

Go with what you love. I know several moms who named their daughters "normal" names and gave them the names they actually wanted to use as middle names and now regret it. If you don't care that it's popular, don't not use it because you think other people would care that it was popular.
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my youngest is Merrah Elizabeth...

I Maeve though and it was one of MY names but dh wasn't convinced but Mer Bear suits her name!!!
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I like the name you chose.

It has character and tradition.

My niece's name is Cassandra, and her kindergarten teacher told my sister that giving a child a long name is "child abuse" , so be ware of nut jobs with opinions like that...

They are out there.
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What about Mirabelle? (it's French, means plum) Or Mirabella (Italian)?
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I think the reason we think Madeline is more popular than the SS site shows is because the SS site doesn't take into account all the variations on spelling. Katlyn and Caitlin are counted as two different names, but really, I mean come on, we all think, "Another Kate-Lynn" in our heads... same name, just different spelling. It's like being the Jenni in a sea of Jennys or the Sara in a sea of Sarahs. No offense meant to any Catlyns out there, once you name a baby their name becomes them and is perfect!

Anyway, I like this link for finding out popularity. It takes most of the name variations into account. Madeline is #26 there. And, Madison is #4, which they do sound very similar to me, but maybe not to everyone else. http://www.namenerds.com/uucn/top03xx.html

I konw some people go as far as to check the most popular names for their state. The SS site has that link.

Now... this is spooky http://www.namenerds.com/uucn/namequiz.html Great name profile quiz. It gives you a ton of names and you usually like 90% of them! Check it out!

Either way, wishing you a warm happy pregnancy and a healthy joyous babe with JUST the right name for him or her... regardless of where it stands on any list!
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I'm in Atlanta. Madeline is pretty common here after Olivia, Isabelle and Sophie.

Use that social security site and ferret the names out at your local pre-schools.
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Here's a couple of other useful name sites.

http://www.babynamewizard.com has an amazing interactive jave chart called the Name Voyager that shows name popularity trending over 100 years.

This spinoff of the Baby's Named a Bad Bad Thing blog is like heaven for people who like classic names. Their advice board might be really useful. I would say Maya for example, though I love it, is trendy. Madeline, while somewhat popular, isn't so outrageously (like, say Emma and Emily) that it would rule it out for me. It has stayed in the top 500 for over 100 years, but not yet cracking the top 50, although more popular in the last 10 years. Kinda defines classic for me. It might go higher, but I doubt with a record like that it will be solely associated with a certain decade.
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Originally Posted by Greensleeves
It might vary by region--but it seems like just about every 5th little girl here in my area of California is named either Madison or Madeline. And they are mostly nicknamed Maddie.
We must live in the same area of California!
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I wanted to name Madeline, but was vetoed by the other parent. I like it.

When I was growing up 'Emily' was a very popular name according to census, etc., but I have only known ONE Emily in my whole life. Name what you like, just spell it normally!
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Babycenter has popl names for 2004 and 2003...they list Madeleine at #11.

But you know, our DD's name was around 35 or 58 depending on the list you looked at when she was born in 2001, and now her name is at #12...so whatchagonna do?

My mom swore no one had my name when I was born and people gave her flack for it...but it was THE name for the era. Doh!
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SS just released the new listings and Madeline became ever so slightly less popular this year dropped to 62 from 60. Madelyn became slightly more popular going from 115 to 111. There are alternate spellings as others have mentioned but even so those are the two most popular versions and the other variants are waaay down there (next most popular similar name is Madeleine at 332 and then Madelynn at 550). I don't see how you could possibly get to 29 just by adding them together and I do think they are different names--Mady-line and Mady-lynn. I know there are other counts out there but I tend to rely on SS the most since it's never entirely clear to me how definitive the other sites' data are.
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great blog entry on the "fake" babycenter list. See the entry for January 24, 2005. In part:

"There are no Spanish names on the list.
In 2003, America's real top 100 boys' names included:
Alejandro, Antonio, Carlos, Diego, Jesus, José, Juan, Luis, and Miguel.
Not a one made Babycenter's list, in 2003 or 2004.
Whatever Babycenter is reporting on, it isn't America's babies. Their press release gives no clue where the names came from or how they were gathered. At best, they're names chosen by a self-selected sample of the kind of people who like Babycenter. (And I count myself among those, by the way.) We know it's a radically skewed sample, excluding Latino parents among others. At worst, we don't know that the babies they're reporting on even exist, since anyone can post to a public web site...any number of times."
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Just to be clear (which maybe I was but just in case :LOL ) I was referring to the new Social Security list which did just come out today (apparently they do it just before Mother's Day every year).

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