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How long did you wait to introduce solids to your babe? - Page 3

Poll Results: How long did you wait to introduce solids to your babe?

  • 15% (26)
    Introduced between 4-6 months
  • 26% (44)
    introduced around 6 months
  • 39% (65)
    Introduced 6-9 months
  • 11% (19)
    introduced 9-12 months
  • 6% (10)
    introduced after 1 year
164 Total Votes  
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We're still not on solids yet at 7 months. I'm taking my cues from ds. No teeth yet and some interest in what we're eating but not grabbing yet and not putting things in his mouth either.
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With dd #1, I followed our ped's instructions and started at 4 mos. With this baby, I'm waiting till 6 mos. Well, I let her taste some rice cereal and she grabbed a popsicle and shoved it in her mouth before I could stop her , but we're not going to start for a couple more weeks when she turns 6 mos. If she isn't ready, we'll wait and try again
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I read the Super Baby Foods book and followed Ruth's advice. I started ds at 6 mos exactly. For a month before that he was real interested when we ate and he would sit with us...in his bouncer on the table. I started him on sweet potatoes and bananas. He loves all kinds of foods and just today tried tuna fish and loved it. He will try anything especially if his dad and I are eating it. I still have not given him whole milk yet. I do not intend to for awhile. He nurses very well and eats yogurt and cheese daily. He especially loves nectarines and watermelon.
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We waited til after one year to introduce solids. Dd showed no interest for the longest time! She also didn't get her first tooth til about 10 months and the next one came in several weeks after that one.

She showed no interest at all. On her birthday, we made a carrot cake with all healthy stuff, no refined sugar etc....and cream cheese frosting. We gave her a piece mostly for the photo shoot. She ended up getting a piece of the cake into her mouth and the horrible faces she made were FUNNY!

At 13.5 months, she has gotten the hang of solids but still doesn't like much texture. I have Super Baby Food (Ruth Yaron) and I make all of her food from scratch with organic ingredients. She eats rice cereal, millet cereal, bananas (loves these), carrots (not fonod of them), zuchini squash and beets. She has totally turned down peaches and apple sauce!

She nurses like a newborn practically too. I'd say she nuses every 3 hours or so during the day and twice or more at night. (Co-sleeper). It doesn't seem that solids has reduced her nursings much at all.
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I had to share this story about my step-sister in this thread. She was told by her doctor that since her 7 week old girl was almost 14 lbs., she was as developed as a 4 month old, and should be put on cereal. This, of course, following the old reccommendation of starting solids at 4 months, not 6 months. Sadly, my sister followed these instructions, even though her daughter can barely hold her head up for a few seconds.
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Well, I've heard again and again to wait until 6 months, but ds just seems so ready. At 4 months, he actually seemed really interested so I mushed up some banana with breast milk...wasn't at all interested. So, I waited a while.
Just in the last few days, ds has been reaching for our food and yelling at us! If he knew how to say the words, he'd be saying, "I want some of that!". So 3 days ago, I got some organic avacado and mushed it up with breast milk so it was pretty liquidy. He really seemed to enjoy it. I fed him probably about a half a tablespoon of actual avacado. And later that same day, I fed him more avacado/breastmilk about 2 tablespoons. Yesterday when I tried it again, he didn't seem as interested, and spit most of it out. Last night his first tooth cut thru and another one is almost up thru the gums also! Today I haven't given him anything because he has been on the fussy side because of the teething. I've been giving him Hylands and he's been sleeping a lot today, so he probably wouldn't be interested in food today. So, I'm just playing it by ear, and taking cues from him. At 4 months he had almost tripled his birth weight -- was 7lbs 6oz at birth and at 4month check was 19lb 6oz. At 5 1/2 months now, I'm sure he has tripled his birth weight at this point. He doesn't totally sit unassisted yet, but almost.
We'll see how he is feeling tomorrow. I will nurse him before I make breakfast as usual, and since he usually is most interested while we are eating, I will have something ready for him standing by if he is interested.
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9 months and grains 12months It is said that the children donot develop the enzime to digest starch until they are 6 months so I did not want to force his digestion therefore i made all of his baby food at home with no starch.
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We started our babe on runny cereal at about 3 months. By 4 months she was Hungry hungry hungry!!! She's almost 7 months now and breastfeeding less and less. She eats HUGE bowls of anything I want to smush up and give her. She likes Tomato soup and cereal, applesauce, mashed potatoes, yams, pinto beans, anything!!! She's a little piglet!! I have started her on a cup now with water and finger foods like vienna sausages and banana. She loves to feed herself and make a mess!!! She still likes to nurse at bedtime and mornings though and once in the afternoon!! She can't stop looking around at her brother and sister long enough to finish nursing! GRRR!!!
Mom to Jade(12), Mckenzy(4), and Amethyst(7 mo)
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