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this thread is so nasty. lol

Anyone know what to do about a sebaceous cyst? it's like a little pebble. It's in a undesireble place. Can I remove this or am I risking a huge infection?? so gross I know.
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Originally Posted by Christy1980

anyone get anything interesting lately????

You so funny!
I know I miss this thread in its hey day. Sigh.
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Hmmm, i think you can just dig it outta there. I seem to remember talk of hot compresses to make it come to a head and then popping it. you'd have to either read back, or hope one of the other popper mamas can answer better than me, lol!!

I got a sunburn on my back today, that should be interesting in a day or two!

and tea tree oil works WONDERS on dandruff and psoriasis!! my hair looks awesome too!
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Tea tree oil? How do you apply it. My poor dd1 is suffering from it in her hair. Does it make your hair look greasy? The itch drives her crazy and she is afraid to wear her hair in certain styles because she doesn't want anyone (one person in particular ) to see the patches. My poor girl
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well, the tea tree oil is available in a shampoo that I got from the health food store, its called "thursday plantation Tea tree deep scalp cleansing shampoo." they also make a conditioner, but I just got the shampoo. you could get the oil by itself and mix it with your own shampoo, but I dont know the ratio of oil/shampoo. and it smells kinda like dried oregano, lol, so you might not want to mix it with certain shampoos or you might get a funny smell, lol!!


I couldnt find the exact one that I have, maybe they only sell it in the states, I dont know. but there's no buildup after you use it, in fact, I would say that it actually stripped the oil from my hair, b/c I had to use more conditioner than normal. but boy, it leaves your hair looking awesome and healthy. and it works the first time you use it.
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well this thread is something else

I have a few gross stories. Only one involes a zit though.

It was my very first zit........
I was at this horse show, and under my nose I was growing the worlds largest zit, I didnt know you could pop them : so it grew and grew and grew and grew some more. So anyway, at the horse show, Im talking to a friend and it starts to itch. I didnt really want to touch it, but it was itchy. So I give it a little rub. Im still talking, but I feel like there is something under my nose. so I go to the car and look in the mirror, and see it had popped and I had this mass of green and yellow puss drying on my face :LOL I was a little bit embarassed but mostly curious and horrified in a good sort of way. So I wipe of the gunk, look at it on the kleenix, then gently and experimently squeesed what was left, and was amused at what came out. I had a great sense of satisfaction. It immediately looked like there had never been any zit all, it was awesome, Ill never forget that day. I also won a few ribbons too on my first pony

not zit stories:

my sister has this friend that tricks her boyfriend (now husband actually) into seeing her poop. I dont know why, niether do they, he finds it gross, she finds it hilarious :LOL

The other day my new to horses friend called me up, the vet had told her her horse had a big bean that needed to come out, so she said she had a friend that was experienced in theses things and that she would get her (me) to come out right away.
A bean is a build-up of smegma and dirt that collects in a pocket on the inside of the urethra and can block the flow of urine. Usually they are soft,grey and the size of a bean.

So I go out, meet her horse, lather up, stick my hand in his sheat, and WHOA! the bean is so big its sticking out of the urethra! not only that, but it is hard and gritty . So I try to gently pop it out, no go, stone is way to big, so I start scraping off bits, but that really isnt working, so I work a finger into his urethra and pocket, and behind the stone, and I start breaking it up (poor poor horse, he was dancing, but he never even pretended to kick me) so I work out one piece and its BIg, I work out another piece, and its BIG too, I work out a third piece, and OMg I was horrified, so Im checking to see if we are clear, and there is a bean that had been behind the big one. And I worked it out as well. All in total, Id say he had a 'bean' the size of a ping-pong ball. maybe a little bit bent out of shape though lol.
Shall I say poor horse one more time? so I finish cleaning him, his owner sticks him in his stall, he walks around once, lets it all hang out and pees, big sigh of relief, I was worried, I might have hurt him too much.
She kept the bean(s), and shows it off
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okay I have more-

In HS we had to come with a project, at the time I had a rabbit that I discovered with a cutarebra(a big maggot) in its neck, so I had someone take pic if the maggot, of me pulling it out, of the puss, and then of me peroxiding it lolit was sick. The maggot was about 1.5" long and thick, like .5 of an inch, and it reeked, and was just ick. Most of the class, including the teacher was horrified lol.

I once read in a teen magazine of most embarassing stories, there was a young woman whose friend had gotten her license, first of the group. So they are out tooting around town and see a car of hot young men. The young woman writing the story, said she though it would be funny if she flashed the boys, so she whips down her pants puts her butt up to the window. Unfortunately she had been getting over a cold, and she coughed or sneezed and blew 'smarties' all over the window : that had to be the most disgusting, embarassing and funny story I have ever read.

My sister once got a sliver of wood in her knuckle playing fetch with the dog, her finger swelled and got all pussy, but nothing would resolve, she had two surgeries(which I got to watch ), but they couldnt find anything. One day we are running up the stairs together and I stomped on her hand and out popped a sliver and puss, and her finger immediately started to heal.
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okay and more

my neighbour was going to syphan some gas out of the lawn mower, he picked up a short section of hose, didnt bother shaking it or anything, put it in the tank, stuck the other end in his mouth and sucked hard. He ended up with a mouthful of earwigs, as someone which an earwig phobia, this had me wretching! EWWWWWWWWWWW :barf

once when I had a bleeding nose as a kid while I was sleeping, I woke up, went downstairs, sorta choked and gagged, and hacked up a HUGE blood clot, and some blood. It was sick.

another time, I was getting over a bad lung infection, but was still having a hard time breathing. I went outside (it was winter) to bring my horses in for the night, they were in the back, so I trudged back there, then we all ran back, half-way back I sorta chocked/coughed, I put my hand in front of my mouth and coughed a huge yellow phlem ball into my hand, I just stopped running and sorta looked at my hand for a bit, said eww, looked around to make sure noone was watching, and I wiped it in the snow. My lungs felt soo much better after that though, I could breathe!
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This thread is bloody brilliant. I'm sitting here grinning like a maniac. These stories fill me with glee. Even though I hate getting a whopper of a zit on my face, there's always that bit of excitement while it's brewing because I know I'm going to get to bust it soon.
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Well, this isn't about zits or gross stuff per se, but I've been thinking of you ladies. We've just moved into our new house and are doing some painting, and I have discovered that removing painter's tape is almost as satisfying as popping zits or peeling a sunburn.
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I've been going through some of the pages I'd skipped earlier - I too am from a family of pickers - my brother, sister, mother, father and I all love it. Dad lets me dig blackheads out of his ears ... when my sister and I get together we make sure we put some time aside for squeezing. My brother loves a good ripe zit, and our mother adores it when we ask her to get the ones we can't reach. It's been like this for 20 years now (when we first started to get zits).

I have a friend who does not care - we've known each other for over 5 years and the first time we met I noticed she had some ripper blackheads on her cheeks and next to her eyes. They're STILL there. I even gave her a facial voucher for her birthday one year just so I wouldn't have to be put through the pain of looking but not touching, but the beautician didn't extract them!! ARGH!!!!
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Did anyone else ever see that Jacka** episode with the ENORMOUS blackhead?! *sigh*
I don't remember that particular one ... but does anyone else remember the girl who squeezed her zits on 'You can't do that on television' - it was like a tube of toothpaste. Great stuff!
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this one just happened to me a couple days ago...

i had my ears pierced when i was 17, but have since let them heal over. there are still pits/scars where the piercings were....anyway, we were driving around and stopped at a gas station to get a drink. DH went inside, I stayed in the car and was looking in the mirror. I noticed something on my earlobe. I focused the mirror on my earlobe and fooled with it for a minute. there was this hard, long thing sticking partway out and it looked like a zit core, dynwim? when i got it out, it was the length of the thickness of my earlobe!! man, that was great, and I wasnt even expecting it!!
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EWWW! Love it!
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This thread, especially the parts about loving to pop one's husband's zits, makes me so glad I am single! (And if I get married again, I want no zit-popping in the prenup.)
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Originally Posted by Christy1980
this one just happened to me a couple days ago...

i had my ears pierced when i was 17, but have since let them heal over. there are still pits/scars where the piercings were....anyway, we were driving around and stopped at a gas station to get a drink. DH went inside, I stayed in the car and was looking in the mirror. I noticed something on my earlobe. I focused the mirror on my earlobe and fooled with it for a minute. there was this hard, long thing sticking partway out and it looked like a zit core, dynwim? when i got it out, it was the length of the thickness of my earlobe!! man, that was great, and I wasnt even expecting it!!
Yep. Those are the best. The bonus kind.
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I can't believe I forgot about this one - I only remembered it yesterday when I was searching through old photo albums for a scrapbooking pic and came across the shot I made my DH take at the time. It started like any other ingrown hair on my inner thigh, above two inches above my knee. It had a pretty big head, so I gave it a squeeze, but nothing came of it - the red ring around it wasn't that big, and it wasn't painful. The next day, though, the ring was bigger, redder and the whole thing hurt. A lot. So of course I squeezed it more. How disappointing - just icky coloured fluid. I guessed it was pretty deep - there felt like there was a core about the size of a grain of rice about 1/2 inch below the surface of the skin. I left it for a couple of days, gave it another go, got nowhere and decided I should see a doctor since it hurt every time I took a step. The doctor took one look at it and told me I had 'cellulitis' (at the time I freaked, thinking I had infected cellulite, but apparently it's just a general diagnosis). He told me the best thing to do (ie the most 'fun' thing to do - this doctor is hilarious) was to let it fester then go for it. He told me the best thing to bring a head is to make a mix of sugar and soap, apply it, leave it for a few hours, then do the hot washcloth thing. Bingo. That evening there was no more pain - awful throbbing feeling was gone, I could jump without pain, and the lump disappeared. The culprit wasn't very exciting - just a big hunk of hard pus. But I loved that the doctor let ME have all the fun.

After reading this thread yesterday I thought to myself 'I bet I wake up with a big festering zit on my chin tomorrow'. Nope. It's on my cheek. It was one of those really tender ones with lots of swelling and you can clearly feel the goo underneath. Nothing happened when I squeezed this morning, so I let it get festy for a few hours and gave it the hot flannel treatment. Satisfaction came mid afternoon - 3 big whoppers that made a cracking sound as they were squelched. The same sort of cracking sound your knuckles make when you crack them. I don't think I'll read the thread anymore though - like I said earlier, I hate having zits on my face ... my subconscious is too strong - it must have known the glee I experienced yesterday while I was reading everyone else's stories and decided I'd been deprived for a bit too long, so gave me a triple dose today.
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I was watching Sell This House (on A&E) today and they were removing wallpaper from the bathroom. They scored it and then washed it with fabric softener. The pieces were peeling off in huge hunks. The homeowner exclaimed "It's just like a sunburn!" and was so thrilled. YOu could tell she enjoyed taking down the wallpaper. :LOL
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I know this thread is a million days old But i had to share this weird thing with someone
dh had a what looked like a grey hair growing out of his eyebrow. He tried to pluck it but it wouldn't come out. with all his might he ended up only breakling off a peice of it.
I had to grab it with my super sharp tweezers. It was the weirdest "HAIR" I had ever seen it was at least 3x thicker than a normal hair and it is HARD like a stiff peice of plastic. It's much more similar to a cat whisker. Just freaky to see and pointy like a procupine. How odd. I keep calling dh a kitty cat.
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