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Clomid & twins

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Does anyone know if the dosage of clomid affects your chances of conceiving twins (like higher dose makes you more likely)???
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As far as I know, no. Since they use the lowest dose necessary to get you to ovulate and that will only up your chances by 10% or less (stats are unclear) I would imagine it won't up it too much.
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But lets say, for example, I only *needed* 50mg to conceive (which I don't actually even need to conceive anymore but to stay pregnant I need it) but I *want* twins???? Could I request a higher dose to up my odds?
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Pretty much NO doc is going to up your Clomid to give you twins. REs and infertility docs really try for one babe at a time. They also shoot for the lowest possible dose of the meds, since they aren't great for you.

The odds of twins are around 10%. If you have more follicles the odds go up. It all depends on your own system and your body's reaction to the clomid.
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Yeah, I'd feel kinda weird doing it for that purpose alone anyway - but I was curious. Thanks.
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Actually, some of what I've read says that if you ovulate on 50mg of clomid, higher doses might be counteractive and prevent ovulation. So no, a doctor shouldn't give you more than you need to be effective. I can totally understand wanting twins, but it really would be medically irresponsible to try to conceive them (from the doctor's point of view, I mean). The increased risk to both mother and babies is not insignificant, even with twins. Sure, most twins are healthy, and twins do occur naturally, but the risk of serious problems is still much higher for twins than singletons. Good luck!
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