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Any other Gabaldon fans want to talk about Claire and Jamie? - Page 2

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Originally Posted by Irishmommy
The one I liked least was Voyager, I think. Where they went to the New World. To much happening, too much of it coincidental/totally unconvincing (like time travel is convincing lol).
You know, I can see your point here, Irishmommy (as it the one I'm reading again right now).

Maybe (and I won't be sure until I have re-read them all again) I should clarify that I believe my favorite of all of them is the 1st half or so of Voyager...the stuff that happens before they leave for the New World.

Cause I gotta say, I really love how Diana shows Jamie's story happening from both angles: his as it actually happens to him, and Claire's from 200 year forward. Fascinating! I also enjoy getting to know Brianna a little better. Though we get more of that in Drums of Autumn.
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I didn't realize another one was coming out this fall!!!

I've got to go back and reread the series now. I have a horrible memory when it comes to books, so I will be completely lost :

What a good excuse to reread them. She is an incredible storyteller!
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Originally Posted by mhurst
I didn't realize another one was coming out this fall!!!
Wowsers! I feel like I have performed a public service for Diana's mothering fans! :LOL
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The first three books in the series are excellent. However, I was disappointed by Drums of Autumn (the 4th) and actively disliked the 5th, Fiery Cross. Partly because I can't STAND the Brianna character and partly because DG is just starting to dump every word she's ever breathed onto the pages. Anyway, I definitely won't be buying the next one in hardcover.

Claire and Jamie are great, though.
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I love this series. LOVE! I've re-read them a zillion times, am about to start another read-through to prep for the new book, and have been known to listen to them on CD (well, ripped to mp3) on flights I'm SUCH a dork.

I think the biggest weakness of FC was that DG is so involved with the characters now that everything they do is interesting to her - down to several detailed discriptions of the contents of diapers. I've done that myself, I can do without, thank you. I think the first hundred pages or so were all the same afternoon. That book needed a more aggressive edit.

And I really really really REALLY dislike Brianna as well. I'm glad I'm not the only one but she just seems huffy and spoiled and ill-tempered to me.

Also liked the LJG book and did NOT expect to. I found him sort of annoying in the Outlander series but I feel very sympathetic towards him and sort of fond of him now.
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I finished it.

And, of course, now I'll have to read the entire friggin' series because of the huge cliffhanger at the end.
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I just wanted to put in my two cents because I'm reading the 5 books again (my fourth time) to prepare myself for the new one coming out in September.
I'm a bit sad about this 6th book, because I think DG will include Jamie and/or Claire's deaths.
My favourite book in the series is 'Outlander', because it's so fresh and doesn't seem to be written for a specific audience. The other books are good too, but some of the Jamie/Claire dialogue becomes a bit clichéd (for example, in 'Dragonfly...' Jamie is saying 'your face is my heart...'). Gag.
I also thought the Brianna/Roger relationship thing went way too fast (Roger was thinking about marrying her after meeting her once or twice?) and I hope that the parentage issue of Bonnet/MacKenzie's son with Brianna will finally be resolved. Though probably not realistically with 18th century technology. Hmmm. Or maybe DG will 'invent' a way to find out back then.
I enjoy the 18th century 'details' of DG books (botany, medical procedures), and really enjoyed the Lord John Gray book (and am looking forward to reading the next one in the series). I also have 'An Outlandish Companion' which is a very interesting book (and a must-read for die-hard Jamie-Claire fans). I think I've read somewhere that after 'A Breath of Snow...' the series will end and DG will be publishing a 'companion' to the complete series including all the characters.
Reading this series really makes me want to go to Scotland and listen to all the laddies talk with their Scottish lilts.

My fav character in the whole series is Young Ian (though I liked his father too). Don't know why. Maybe his interest in other cultures? His lack of making a habit of throwing his weight or might around in the name of honour and his love for his dog.
I think Brianna belongs in the 20th century and if she makes it there in the 20th century I suppose Roger and Jemmie will try to make the trek as well.

Has anyone heard about the proposed ABC mini-series they're going to make out of the DG books? Anyone know which actors they finally chose to play Claire/Jamie? Though I don't know if I'll willingly watch it...the TV series of books are usually pretty bad.
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I loved the first three books. Voyager was I believe meant to be a spoof on a cheesy romance adventure novel-that is why it moved along so quickly with the coincidences. That is my take on it anyhow.

Drums of Autumn I can barely remember, but the fiery cross I just absolutely loathed for the reasons people have given here. It just got away from the writer, or something. I just didn't need that much information! Also, the characters of Roger and Brianna bugged me so much. They are so BORING! I guess because Clare has her medicine, and what not, looking after Jamie, rescuing, being rescued, she always seems tro be doing something interesting. Poor Brianna needs a trade!

That said, I thought that the parts where she writes about mothering from Brianna's perspective, as the mom to a young child, and from Claire's perspective, as a mother to a young adult, were very good.

I will still read the latest one, but it will have to be from the library. I can wait until then for it. I've read some of the extracts available on her website, and it seems like things will be heating up for the Fraser clan, what with the war and all.

Maybe that was the biggest problem-covering the years between the end of Voyager and the beginning of the revolutionary war. That's a sizeable amount of time there. I guess they are entitled to spend a few years working their land and in relative peace and quiet.
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Oh, I was so excited to notice this thread! I love love love these books. I periodically check the Diana Gabaldon website to see the latest new on the latest book and can't wait : for the next book. I cant afford to buy new books lately, so I am in line at the library request queu (sp?) to get the book when they receive it!!! Yay!!!

It's been a while since I read the last one, but I do know I want to find out about the paternity of little Jemmy and am dying to find out more about Ian.

I do remember Brianna being a little petulant, but I think maybe its a vehicle for showing the differences between being a kid in the 20th Century vs the 18th century?
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oh, and the miniseries.........it seems like there is always something brewing about these books. I like fantasizing about who will play what characters....any ideas on who would play Jamie and Claire?
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Re: that scene where Jamie beats Claire for putting all of them in danger. Yes, it was realistic for the time period even if not what everyone wants to read about. But lets not forget that soon after it happens, Claire makes Jamie swear (on the cross) that he'll never beat her again. And I don't think I'm giving too much away by saying it's a vow he keeps through all the books.

I also loved the first three books, and found the last two (especially FC) getting kind of tedious. I hope DG can cut the length on the new one and revisit the freshness of the first, but I don't know if that's really possible at this point.
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Big fan here! I read the series slowly once a year (since discovering it in 2001), and turn to it for comfort as needed. I'm almost done with my re-read of F.C. and always feel pretty good after Jamie survives the snakebite. DH has pre-ordered Breath of Snow and Ashes for me as a birthday gift. I'm so excited!!!!! I've read ahead a little on D.G.'s website, but I always feel a little sick and depressed after doing that, and have vowed to stop. I think Jamie and Claire will survive until at least near the end of the last book (and there will be 2 more, right?) because they are the main squeeze.

I admit that the first few books are the best, Outlander especially. But I love all of them! Brianna is not my favorite character either. I had a thought that she may develop diabetes (and HAVE to go back to the 20th century) because she always wakes up thirsty, but I suppose that could be from the nursing; because I do too!

Besides Jamie and Claire (of course!) my favorite character is Lord John. In addition to his own book, I hope he'll continue to have a role in the Outlander series.
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As for the ABC miniseries
any ideas on who would play Jamie and Claire?
I found this link on a fan site, with suggestions as to who would play who. Jason Flemyng has been rumoured to be the one chosen to play Jamie. But maybe it isn't going to happen, because it seems like there was talk and interviews in 2000 but not a peep since. Perhaps it's too long and some of the scenes would be costly to produce?

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In a way I'm relieved. : If these books ever do get made into a movie, it will be hard to restrain myself from seeing it, but I don't want my Outlander "tainted."

I must admit that I do see people all the time that I would cast as Roger and Brianna, but NEVER Jamie and Claire.

Two months, two days until Snow & Ashes!
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Haha, I'm glad I'm not the only one who doesn't like Brianna. She's so whiny and awful to Roger. Her character is a big part of why I didn't enjoy the last two books (especially Fiery Cross). She definitely needs to go back to the 20th century.

Is DG supposed to be wrapping things up in this new book? I heard there might be two more (new one + another). Hopefully someone will actually edit the next one.
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Oh wow, thanks for the heads up about the new book. Sometimes it's hard for me to keep up with everything I adore - and it's been a long wait for this new one, and I'd almost given up!

Although I'm not fond of Brianna's character and wish she'd stayed home and let her mom go, there is a scene where she and Roger are listing the things they miss from their own time. I find myself wondering about what I'd miss most if I were to lose the modern world all the time.

The book was suggested to me in 1994 by a co-worker when I worked at a bookstore. I can't believe how long it's been, sometimes! I love time travel, in theory, but rarely like fantasy books that deal with it. I was pleasantly surprised to find myself so obsessed by this series.

I recommended it to a friend who actually didn't like reading. After reading it, he suddenly discovered how much he loved reading, after all, and has been reading all kinds of books since then. That makes me feel proud. Now, if only my "I'll wait 'til the movie comes out" DH were so easily influenced!

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Ahhh, I LOVED these! I read the first 3.5 so quickly and then stalled on #4 b/c I didn't want it to end. Still haven't finished after a couple of years.

Still only 4, right? WOW, another would be awesome. ANd, yes I loved her 1 Lord John book. Only one, though, right?

And, yep, Brianna wasn't my favorite. :
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Originally Posted by BusyMommy
Still only 4, right? WOW, another would be awesome. ANd, yes I loved her 1 Lord John book. Only one, though, right?
One Lord John book and five (so far) Outlander books:

1. Outlander
2. Dragonfly in Amber
3. Voyager
4. Drums of Autumn
5. Fiery Cross
6. A Breath of Snow and Ashes (to be released in the fall)
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VERY cool about # 5!! (And #6) Thanks Although, it sounds like it focuses more on Brianna? Are Claire & Jamie still in it?
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I think the entire Outlander series is focused on Jamie and Claire, even though some of the later books might have a more interesting storyline focusing on Brianna, Roger, Jemmy...and I'm dying to see what happens to Young Ian.
When DG decides to take the focus away from Jamie and Claire, I don't think the series can successfully continue.

I've got a question for all you fans who have read and re-read the 5 books out so far.
Roger and Brianna are supposed to be historians, right? What's their specialty? Not 18th century, as Roger admits in DIA...but has anyone come across this in their reading? Sometimes now that I'm re-reading the books for the umptientg time I skip over some small details, but could it be that DG never has included this?
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