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Uterine Polyps

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Help! Yesterday I had a saline sonogram done, and the Dr. found that I have a uterine polyp. He kept pointing at these gray areas on the screen. It looked innocent enough to me. I'd never know it was a polyp. He said that the polyp could interfere with TTC, and that it would explain the mid-cycle bleeding I've experienced since the spring of this year. The only cure? Same day surgery to remove it.

Okay, I'm a wimp. I've never had surgery, let alone anesthesia. Has anyone experienced these polyps? Is surgery the only solution? In my internet search it seems like it is. It's so contrary to my usual herbal, gentle approach to health.

Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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What kind of polyp? Is it fibroids? There is a non-invasive technique to remove fibroids using sonar or something like that. Maybe the same thing would work for you.
You should check out Women's Surgery Group to see what they have to say about it. You might also want to check out obgyn.net .

Regardless, if you do choose to have surgery, make sure a specialist does it! It really does make a difference. Your regular obgyn might be great at birthing babies and treating yeast infections, but somebody who does nothing but lap surgery would be a lot better at it and more up-to-date on the newest techniques and technologies. Believe me, I have had two laps done, the second one with a specialist, and there is a world of difference between the two experiences and the outcomes!
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Thanks Stafl. I will definitely check out the website. Just to clarify, I don't have any fibroids. This polyp is a small endometrial growth. I also don't have to have a lap done. Yippee! The procedure will be similar to an d&c, but will specifically target the area of the polyp by using a tiny microscope to locate it. Apparently a regular d&c can entirely miss a polyp of this nature.
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Sounds like the surgery you're describing is myomectomy. I had one in March to remove a fibroid that was growing quickly, "in the way" hanging into the uterus on a stalk, and bleeding excessively.

The surgery wasn't bad at all--much less painful and debilitating than tonsillectomy or wisdom tooth extraction, which were the other two surgeries I'd had. They told me I'd be semi-conscious heavily sedated, but I felt I'd been sound asleep; I remember nothing between rolling down the hall toward the operating room and waking up a moment later (actually 4 hours) in a different room wearing strange hospital panties! The discomfort from having my cervix dilated and uterus scraped really wasn't bad at all but did last about a week, with "having sex probably wouldn't be fun" persisting for about a month. The bleeding also was very minor--a couple of weeks, but at 1 pad per day level. I had a little abdominal swelling, but just enough that I was uncomfortable in tight jeans or bending over.

Removing the fibroid completely cured my mid-cycle bleeding. I'm glad I had it done.
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EnviroBecca, that sounds like exactly it! Thanks for all the details. I knew it would be a little more involved than I was told. Yikes - a month of "having sex probably wouldn't be fun." Sounds like I have to plan for an unpleasant week, and then a month of increasing pleasantness.

My mid-cycle bleeding is negligible, hence my reluctance. But interfering with TTC? Okay, I'll do it! How long did it take for your cycles to go back to normal?

Thanks a million for all the info. I feel much better...
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I had uterine polyps removed almost 2 years ago. It started out the way you described but by the time we discovered them my periods were lasting almost 3 weeks then starting a week later. I was also advised that they could interfere with TTC. The surgery I had sounds just like what was described above--it was done under conscious sedation which was just like falling asleep, I woke up as they wheeled me out of the operating room and was eating a bagel within 10 minutes. My only discomfort was feeling tired later in the day and a little discharge for about 2 days. I was even able to nurse my then 2 year old later that afternoon. I don't remember any intercourse discomfort but I was advised to wait a cycle before resuming TTC.
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I think the "having sex probably wouldn't be fun" may have been psychological; I felt really uncomfortable about my cervix having been opened up, and while that seemed to be a physical "don't touch" sensation, it may have been in my head after the first week or so. The best I can describe it is that my cervix felt the way my vagina did after losing my virginity: very stretched and scraped, mildly painful not excruciating, for a while and then just tender and vulnerable. (I recovered from virginity much faster, but the process felt the same.) After the first week, it was less of a physical aversion than a lack of interest.

My cycles are never "normal", so I think you shouldn't make much of the fact that I didn't O for almost 5 months after surgery. My dr. prescribed 4 weeks of Premarin + Provera during the last week so that I would be sure to build up a good lining right away and shed it; I'm not sure if that's standard or because of my history of long gaps in cycles or just that dr.'s love affair w/synthetic hormones.
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Thanks mamas for preparing me for what to expect with this surgery. It was much more information than I could glean from the medical folk. I have my pre-op appointment this afternoon, and the surgery on Friday. Wish me luck!
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Good luck!
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Good luck
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I don't know if it's appropriate for me to post this here, but I thought it was an amazing coincidence!

BTW, Best of luck for your surgery and I hope that it helps with TTC

I found out I have a polyp today and I posted this: http://mothering.com/discussions/sho...threadid=30479

I had no idea this may have been causing my midcycle spotting, and I'm a little irritated that no one suggested it, I'd told quite a few docs about it. I may not have found out about it if it wasn't sticking out. I think it interfered with my last pg, ended in stillbirth, but no one could explain why. A sonogram found a "clot", which may have been this polyp.

Anyway, hope I didn't circumvent your thread in a bad way. I'll keep you in my thoughts during your surgery, and again, I'm hoping for the best results for you!
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No problem, MysticHealerMom. Welcome. I'm glad they figured out what was causing your mid-cycle bleeding. It's scary when your body starts doing different things and the medical folk can't figure out why especially when it is such a common thing. My mom actually carried my sister to full-term while she had a uterine polyp that caused spotting throughout the pregnancy. So people do have polyps and carry full-term. Who knows now if it has anything to do with your stillbirth.
Good luck with it, Mystic. Isn't it so much better to know, than not know?

I had my pre-op appointment yesterday. I'm having this procedure done at a tiny local hospital that gives lots of one-on-one care. The doctor is an ob/gyn and an osteopath, so I hope it's a more holistic approach. The experience yesterday was fine. I'm just a little nervous, and dh is all over the place crazed over his work, so he's a little unhelpful. There should be a new marriage rule - one nervous breakdown at a time, please.
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absolutely better to know. I shouldn't be excited about having a polyp, but I'm just HAPPY to know that there's something gong on that we can identify. I guess I'll know for sure after the kiddo is born, but in the mean time, WHEW!!

Sounds like you're in a good place for the procedure. And, I agree, one emergency at a time, please. My thoughts are with you.

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The hysteroscopy is done! Estelle the polyp is gone. And I even survived. Dh put his nervous breakdown aside and was an awesome dh through the whole thing. The worst was cramping and nausea right afterward. It also hurts to lift heavy stuff. I still feel like I did a million situps with none of the benefit, and I run out of steam at about 2pm every day. Environbecca - thanks for the prep (pep) talk. The afteraffects were exactly as you said. Glad it's done, so maybe was can begin TTC again soon (although I am NOT gonna feel like it in the extremely near future). I'm gonna blow off work for a few days and recover. Glad it's over. A million thanks, mamas.
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