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How about some happy stories?

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So, whats your fuzzy blended family story? Something that only us living in these situations would understand (or maybe not only us )

Anyway! Any little story about anything that made your day.

I'll go first. (I have a few, so I'll be short)

1. A couple of years ago we went on our first "annual family beach/bbq day". (which includes the rest of our extended family) We were all having a great time and my sil and I were playing in the sand with my nonbio ds (who was about 4ish at the time). He looked up at me and said, "can I call you mom?" Inside I was crying such happy tears, but I tried to remain calm and neutral and asked, "why do you want to call me mom?" He said "because you feel like mom to me" So I told him, of course, you can call me whatever you like.
He gave me a huge hug and said "thanks mom" and scampered off. My sil starts crying - I start crying. It was a lovely moment. (he stopped calling me mom after his mother told him he wasnt allowed. I told him no worries and to call me whatever he wanted to.)

2. My bio ds referring to my dh as his "half dad" to his friends.

3. My nonbio dd putting me as the most important person and person who taught me the most in her autobiography for school.

4. My oldest nonbio ds coming back from his moms car to give me a second hug before he went away for a week last summer then running into the house and knocking me into the wall with hugs when he came back.

5. My mil thanking me for making her ds so happy and taking such great care of her 6 grandkids.

Okay, whos next? Lets get the love and positivity flowing! (Goodness knows we have enough crap!)
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I'll go next!

We were talking to DSS on the phone the other day and he kept asking DH if he could talk to me. So DH passes the phone to me and I say hello. DSS says hi and giggles like always and says, "When are you done growing the baby in your belly?" I tell him she'll be here any day and he gets all excited and starts saying YAY!!! really loud and asks when she's born if he can see her. I tell him of course and he says, "But you and daddo live far away? Is that a long drive for you and daddo?" I tell him yes but we are going to do it anyways cause we want to see him and show him his sister. He giggled, said yay! again, and said that that was a good thing cause he wanted to see us too.

A couple calls back he was talking to DH about the baby being born and he said, "When I see Cassie I'm going to rub her belly and go BEEP! BEEP! when I do it"...... :LOL
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I had 3 children when I met my dh. None of them have the same dads (long stories that maybe I'll get into another time). Dh is 2 years younger than me (he was 24 when we met) and one of those REALLY good looking, super cool, could get anyone he wanted kind of guys. Not the kind of guy who you'd think would jump at the chance to date a woman with 3 kids, lol. We started dating but before we got serious he wanted to meet the kids and after meeting them he told me that he couldn't continue dating me unless it was going to be serious because, while he could always leave a relationship, he could never leave the kids. He fell in love with them instantly and they fell in love with him. He's been an AMAZING father. After I got pregnant with our ds I ended up in the hospital on bedrest for 3 months. Before that he'd never cared for the kids alone, but he took it on like he'd been a father from the day they were born.

Recently, he talked to an old friend...another one of those uber-cool, dating whoever I want kind of guys. Ryan showed me an email that the guy had sent and it said "Holy $^&* dude, 5 kids? What happened???" Dh was beaming! He loves telling people that he's got 5 kids, not 2, 5.

When our youngest dd was in the NICU and he went to visit, later the nurses told me that he was so proud of our kids and they'd have never known that the first 3 weren't his had I not told them.
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Those are both wonderful!

Keep em coming! ( I firmly believe in the power of positive vibes )
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I met dss on our second date. He was so excited to have a girl around again. He sat in my lap and said, "Do you want to be my second mom?" Dh and I cracked up because we didn't know it at the time, that it would come true. We got married 6 weeks later, though. MIL says that dss wanted me more and convinced his dad to marry me.

Just yesterday, he made me a card for my birthday. It said that you for being so generous and helping me with all the stuff I need help with.
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We got to talk to DSS today. After about two minutes of talking with DH DSS asked, "Is Cassie there?" DH said yes and DSS asked if he could talk to me. DH said sure, let me finish what I am doing in this room and you can talk to me for a minute longer than I can take the phone to her. DSS said ok and went on telling DH about his day. About two minutes later he sighs this great big sigh and says, "Can I talk to Cassie yet? Are you going to let me talk to her?" lol DH said yes and laughed and brought the phone up to me where DSS proceeded to tell me that he was "a tough kid". That's all he had to say!!
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Oh, those are so sweet!! Mine turned into a bad thing. (SO and I work at the same place) One day his ex calls and put the boys on the phone (2 & 3) they are screaming and throwing a fit, they miss him and all that. Well he is tryin to calm them down and can't and has to go back to work really quick so asks if they want to talk to me, one says yes. well as I'm talking they calm down and want to see ME now. I tell them about the weekend we are gonna have and all that to cheer them up. The the 3 yr old say I miss you Katt, I love you, I want to see you and daddy. I almost start crying it was so sweet until I heard his ex in the background REALLY pissed, saying "Get you daddy back on the phone or hang up" I hurry and give the phone back to him. It was so sweet, but I totally felt bad too. We are trying to teach them to walk in the other room when on the phone with us. That way she don't HAVE to hear what they say.
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DSS is so sweet!!!!!!

We got to talk to him late today but we got to talk to him. I just got off the phone with him and he was asking about the baby. He said since this was his sister, "Can I borrow her?". :LOL :LOL His mom was laughing in the background. I told him after she was born we'd bring her up to see him and he said, "Ok, but can I borrow her?" :LOL

He is so cute!!!!
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DSS 12 (who has been very conflicted as mentioned in other threads) told DH today he really liked 'Mom' (me) and DD! She has really warmed up to him and says his name which is cute.
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Too many to list

I've been a part of dss's life so long that I can't even list them all. Often times he is on "my team" which is team "beat daddy!" :

Often he'll just come up to me, hug me, and say "I just love you." Those spontaneous act of love are always the most fun.
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