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First bath - HELP!

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I need a few suggestions about how to go about giving Julie her first "real" bath. Her umbilical stump fell off last night (thank god it was really starting to stink) so we are ready for the big bath time! And I am really nervous about it!

At our "weekday" digs, we don't have a tub, just a shower, and no sink big enough to give her a bath in. (FYI, our weekday abode is a live/work type situation). Our shower has a handheld, and we did get one of those baby tubs as a gift, is that going to work OK? Or should we just try to take a shower with her, with one of us holding her and the other assisting? I was nicely pampered by Crat19 with a neat pair of exfoliating gloves, she suggested wearing those to hold slippery baby...seems like it would work great.

I to the experienced moms out there...help!
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Put her in just a onesie to take a shower with her. That will keep her from being so slippery.
Filling the baby tub with warm water would work fine, too.
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yup either way will work i took my older two into the shower with me when they were newborns i can't say they loved it, but they did better than in the sink or baby bathtub
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I used to put her in her car seat next to the shower in her diaper and blanket and I'd get all cleaned up and then put her in there with me at the last minute. That way I didn't have to try and wash both of us and hold a slippery baby.

It worked for us.
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