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Vacuum for laminate floor?

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Does anyone know of a good vacuum (to pick up dog hair) for laminate floors? I can't stand the hair and dust anymore. I sweep a million times a day and it's still there, so I'm hoping a vacuum would pick up some more dirt that the broom misses?
We have 3 super hairy dogs..... burned the motor on our last vacuum....

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our bagless Hoover did great with cat hair.
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Dyson. Hands-down, the best vacuum I have ever owned. I will never buy anything else.

We have three floors of ancient hardwood, newer linoleum and fairly recent vinyl... and a 5 x 8 wool rug in the foyer. The one I bought (before they offered a canister vac) has a bare-floor attachment that sucks the silt out of the cracks between the elderly floorboards, the dog-hair tumbleweeds from under the couch... I am always disgusted by how much filth is on our floors.

Don't get me started on the vacuum thing. I always end up sounding like a Dyson salesman.
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I REALLY want a Dyson.... BADLY.... Just haven't been able to save up the extra moolah yet! Everyone that I know who has one LOVES it and they all have hairy pets. I also want one of the Electrolux broom type portable vacs that they sell at Lowes...
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When I had wood floors and cats, I misted the floor with water before sweeping, and was able to get up all the hair easily. I had a Eureka HEPA filter canister vac, but usually it was just easier to sweep than to get out the vacuum cleaner. I used a dustmop, too.

Now I've got wall-to-wall carpeting--I'm renting, and all the apartments in this area have carpeting. I vacuum at least once a day with an upright vac I had to buy when I moved in. I hate it, I want wood or laminate floors...this apartment even has carpeting in the dining area. On the plus side, my son thinks running the vacuum cleaner is terribly exciting, and he requests it often. :LOL
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