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rash on face

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i have never had bad skin or many rashes, and during my pregnancy my skin was beautiful!!! however, since the *very day* my ds was born, i have had a light red rash across my cheeks, forhead and chin. It is hardly noticable, except that it sort of itches, but not in a way that sratching helps. It is mostly in the mornings after a shower or bath.

btw. I haven't switched any products because i don't use soap on my face. I have recently tried some almond oil w/ calendula extract but i am not sure if it is helping

Help!!! love, tabitha
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Hi Tabitha,
I'm not sure how old your babe is, so this may or may not help. I noticed after my dd was born that my skin was a little rougher and dryer esp. after showers, than normal. It seemed like it lasted for about three months or so, and I attributed it to hormones. I used calendula cream as well as a natural body lotion on it. Both seemed to help. My midwife also seemed to think it was related to hormones.
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thanks, that sounds like my skin! ds is 11 weeks old, so hopefully i am almost done w/ this! i'll keep trying the calendula.

love, tabitha
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