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croup HELP!! natural remedies?

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help me heal my lil guy with out the use of steroids. went to the dr today cause all of a sudden my son is coughing like crazy (having choking fits even). so he lays LTB on me (Laryngotracheobronchitis) in other words CROUP...he said it is mild but gave me steroids and robitussin to give him and that is not what i want to give my babe (13mos now).

so what would you do??
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Must be going around BECAUSE my daughter has Croup this week as well. Her ped told us to use a cold-mist humidifier in her room and to bring her into a steamy bathroom for 15 min several times a day.

She is feeling better but is now congested. I think we place the raw onions tonite in her room to help her clear the congestion.

hope this help,

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anyone else dealing with croup?
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My dd used to get a very croupy cough everytime she got sick, I would dress her really warmly and open the window at night. The fresh cold air seemed to help her airway. If I couldn't leave the window open then a cool air humidifier in the room would help. We would also use a non-menthol ( the menthol is not that good for little ones) vapor rub made by Gaia's Children that always helped at night too.

I would try some of these alternatives before jumping to steroids. Unless of course his airway is blocked, then you don't want to take any chances.

Good Luck
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BioForce Cough Formula! IT's homeopathic,a nd works better than anything I ever used.

It's at health food stores. It works on other coughs too!
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so far i've been able to get away without medicine. i would essentially treat it like a cold. during the day i would give my dd sips of warm liquid and the steamy shower when she got into coughing fits. during the night like pp said, humidifier, sleep elevated, and either walk holding her outside or open stand in front of the open freezer door. the cold helps their cough (forgot exactly what it does). my dd at 2 1/2 has had quite a few pretty bad cold, cough and croup but never so bad that we needed medication. well i do have peds. who feel medication is the last resort to help with the discomfort the symptoms not to heal. with the cold she has coughed hard enough to throw up which was good as it got rid of the phelgm she was swallowing.

for congestion i would try as much liquids as i could - as an infant i breastfed her more, now i keep offering her different kinds of liquids so that the phelgm was thin - not thick and sticky and green so it could lead to infection. at night it always gets bad because the intake of liquid goes down. in the morning after waking up we would do some active play (to break the phelgm down) and then get into the hot steamy shower for at least 15 mins to half hour (or atleast till the hot water ran out) and ud be surprised at how much stuff comes out.

i am telling u more than u need just to describe how bad it was and we were able to get by without medication. but she never had the croup cough for more than 2 to 3 nights.
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btw i forgot to add i stay away from medication - both natural and the regular - for as long as i can until my dd complains or i see she is really bad. fortunately those have been real rare for me.
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Both of my children had croup this past winter.

We took walks outside in the cold air (bundled them up of course, but they were breathing the cold air), nursed them a lot, slept with them lying on our chest while sitting in the lazy boy, and gave them lots of love of course.

Neither of them needed steriods or anything either.

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