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How long do your babies nurse ALL night?!?

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Hi mamas,

I'm so tired!! My girls just suck the life out of me all night!! I love sleeping with them and nursing...but they want my boobie in their mouth just about all night! They are 10 mos now. My 2yo ds nursed 2-4 times during the night but then we he was done, he was done and off back to sleep next to me. My girls on the other hand really want to nurse all night. And usually they also want to be laying on me...not just next to me. I really love it but I need a few hours break during the night. Once in awhile they will let me escape to go to the bathroom or get some water. Or let me lay them next to me without my arm under them or my breast in their mouth. But most the night I'm laying on my back with one on each arm nursing. I don't even get a break to snuggle with dh for a few hours a week more less a few hours a night.

I guess I just wonder how you all are doing it? I think it is way to early to night wean so I can't really say no more nursing till morning (not that they would understand that right now). Yet I'm not getting enough sleep. I know part of it is that they won't nurse very often during the day because they are so busy and curious and make up for it during the night. I guess I'm just venting and need to know others go through this too. And if you've done anything different that may help me get a small break to do things like sleep on my stomach without a baby searching for my nipple or sleep close to dh or sneak away from the bed to clean the dishes or get ready for the next day.
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i hear you mama... we still have nights like those sometimes. we pretty much nursed through the night until the boys were maybe a year or so. if they were in the bed, they wanted a boob. i started to lay them down for the first part of the night in their cribs which took a few nights to get used to but then they were okay with...(their "room" is actually just an extension of ours so it's not like they're down the hall or anything, which is really nice for us.) they'd sleep longer and longer stretches until the routine became that they'd wake up around 2 or 3 and then nurse the rest of the night with me in bed. but those hours in between laying them down and them waking up to nurse were SO restful... i could sleep, or cuddle with dh... we're almost nightweaned now which is really nice, but that didn't start to happen until about 17-18 months, and they still wake up at 6 and nurse until 7:30 or so.

after you nurse them at bedtime, will they let you lay them down somewhere other than your bed for a few hours? like a sidecar crib or a couple pack 'n' plays? i'm a pretty staunch co-sleeper, but with two wanting to nurse ALL THE TIME, it can become overwhelming and they actually seemed to like the space to stretch out... plus, dh was *really* missing me and i had to take his feelings into account too.

for those nights they just won't let you get away, pillows are what saved me. i have four- two for under my head and one for under each baby so i'm not flat on my back and the babies weren't sleeping on top of my arms.

anyway, HTH! keep us posted on how things are going.
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Honestly, for us it didn't stop until we nightweaned around 18 months (& that would be why we nightweaned). In fact it seemed like they were getting more & more so that they wanted a boob in their mouth *all* night in order to sleep & there was no way I could get any sleep w/ 2 wiggly toddlers attached. So, that's why we took a stab at nightweaning. It went smoothly & now most nights they sleep all night in their own room. If someone wakes up USUALLY she's fine w/ cuddling in next to me in our bed & going right back to sleep, we're to the point that, if someone is screaming to nurse in the middle of the night I can be pretty confident that she's sick or something is "off" because that's not the norm anymore.

But I agree that 10 mo is too young to nightwean so . . . the main thing that we did so that I would survive was, on the weekends, dh would get up w/ the girls & take them downstairs to play, eat, watch tv : or whatever it took to keep them down there w/ him & happy for a couple hours so I could sleep! I also literally went to bed when they did up until we nightweaned. It meant that very little cleaning & such got done around here, but it was necessary for survival.

HTH (at least a little)
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