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My dd had to visit the ER three times last year for astham attacks and once got admitted. The time she got admitted, they gave her a little bean bag puppy to play with, and when she went up to her room for the night the ER staff said she could keep the puppy.

But I was able to cull out two bags full of her stuffed animals that all looked like new and bring them to the hospital. It made it easier to give up the stuffed animals knowing first hand how they might really make a difference for a kid who winds up in the hospital!
What a great idea! I just removed a large bag of stuffed animals that my dd claims she doesn't want. I'll go through them and pull out a few that I suspect she'll be asking for later on, and take the rest to the hospital. BTW, I did the same for some children's books; when my ds had to vist the ER a couple years ago, they had a large stack of children's books from which to choose (kids could take them home, too). I went through my ds' books and took a bag full over there, so thanks for the reminder.