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Need kefir

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I am new to the board and am finding that I really love what I have found so far! I found a wealth of information in the archives about kefir and a whole lot of wonderful recipes.

What I need is a source of kefir grains so that I can grow my own. I am currently having to purchase commercial kefir at the hf store. We find that it helps our son with his adhd alot!

Does anyone have any grains to spare to share?? I live in Arkansas.

thank you in advance...
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I don't have grains to ship yet but I just bought freeze-dried Kefir granules at the health food store and have apparently revived them successfully. I think but I'm not sure that it is the grains. You may be able to order them from the company: www.alphahealth.ca -- it's a Canadian site but maybe they'll ship to you?

So far (I'm just finishing the "awakening process") I've been getting a more yoghurt-like than Kefir-like substance but it tastes good.

Hope you find some grains!
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