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could you share...

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your potty-training stories with me?

my goal is to have mine trained by the time the new baby gets here (they'll be two by that time) and while they understand what the potty is for, etc... something isn't clicking or i'm not going about it right...

i bought some little trainers which they have been wearing and i've been setting them on their potties every hour (and oftentimes sooner) and singing the the potty song i made up and that part's all fine and good and so we spend a lot of time singing and sitting on the potties and talking about how incredibly fun it is to tinkle and so forth, and they seem to think this is all loads of fun, especially since it involves many opportunities for them to point at each others' penises and yell "winky!" and giggle uncontrollably. :LOL eventually they stand up and say, "yay! all done," and if i'm quick, i can usually snatch the potty away before they turn it over and wear it as a hat. if i'm not so quick, it usually doesn't matter anyway, because the potty he's wearing is empty and he's peeing on the carpet.

so... any suggestions? i think part of my trouble is that i'll pick up on the fact that one needs to go and we'll run to the potty and while we're doing that, number two is tinkling somewhere else. i just can't seem to keep up! maybe it's just too soon, but i'd still like to hear your stories and maybe i can rethink my strategy.
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If I'm doing my math right then your twins are about 19-months-old, right? That still seems a bit young to me. I have heard of children potty training younger then that but I've also read that they don't have the mental connection between the sensation of having to pee/poop and what it actually means until they are around 18-months-old. I have also always heard that boys take longer to potty train then girls do.

With that said, my dd was 27-months-old when her twin sisters were born and she was potty trained by then. I began potty training her long before then though (not sure what age) but didn't really push it. She was constipated a lot so it was easy to spot when she was trying to poop and we'd go to the potty. She realized that it was actually easier on her to go on the potty then her diaper so she was poop trained fairly early. She peed trained later. By the time her sisters arrived, she did have occassional accidents and was still wet at night but otherwise she was trained.

We had the potty video for girls (they also have it for boys) as well as the Dr. Sears book "I Can Go Potty" (I think that's what it's called). I also had her go naked a lot which seemed to help. If her diaper was on then she didn't even think twice about peeing in it but if she was naked (or sometimes if her panties were on) she'd catch herself sooner.
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Everything I've ever read/heard says to not push potty training before age 2. Some kids will show interest on their own earlier than that & it's fine to go w/ their interest, but pushing it too soon can actually backfire big time. My girls are 25 months old now & for quite awhile now they will randomly tell me that they need to poop or have pooped, they will randomly want to sit on the potty, but it's nowhere near all the time. I've known many people who have tried to potty train when the parent wants to & ends up taking forever with lots of set-backs. And I've known many people who've let each child take the lead & potty training has been a couple days & almost accident free. I'm planning to try some nakey time this summer since my kids are showing random interest & see if that's the push they need, but they're over 2.

Also keep in mind that even if you get them potty trained before the baby gets here, they may regress once the baby comes as a bid for attention.
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thanks for the input, mams. i've been reading the stories of mamas who trained their kiddos at about my boys' age and i thought well, hey, why not try it? they're my first and for some reason i just can't remember the ages of my brothers when they potty-trained so i think i just needed a reality check. y'know, that's a really good point about regression too, sweetpeas... i totally hadn't thought about that.

maybe i'll just hold off. i can handle three in cloth diapers... right??
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Originally Posted by emomama
...maybe i'll just hold off. i can handle three in cloth diapers... right??
I did it for over a year. It's not nearly as hard as trying to keep track of two toddlers and care for a baby at the same time, right? I think watching the baby get her diaper changed help dd2 over the hump and out of diapers. dd1 trained right before the baby was born, but she was ready and it only took a day or two.
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