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Every hour is a milestone !!
tonite is critical & praying Tate will be with us tomorrow & please call the Vet pronto & see what's needed next: IV or subcut fluids, etc...
I agree with the broth thing as it's worked for me but anything is a plus.

Bless You for trying to save little man Tate :

You are doing an awesome job

and in case of..... do not blame yourself..
you are amazing in your devotion to Tate

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~healing vibes~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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: for your sweet :
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: c'mon little man, Tate! you can make it!! we know you can!!! :

bless you, gaiamom, hang in there, you're doing an amazing thing right now.
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I hope your puppy is doing okay!!!!!!!!!!

I had this happen to me years ago. My sister got me a puppy from some animal shelter and he had parvo. What got me so upset was they did not give him any shots till she paid for them. By then it was to late and they would not refund her money. He was unvaccinated the whole time he was at the shelter.
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Tyson had parvo in March, when he was around 12 weeks old. He made it but he had to be hospitalized for 2 days so they could give him fluids and electrolytes through an IV. The vet said we could have done it at home and that some dogs do pull through with home care. I wish you the best of luck and I can assure you that if he makes it, you will have a best friend for life. I will be praying for him.
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Right now he is doing lots of salivating, not sure if that's good or not. But he did get up and walk through the house, taking short breaks to sit down (its a small house 1000sq ft.) when he got tired. He's REALLY hating the pedialyte by now and trying to hide his face when i pick up the syringe.
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This is making me choke up, you are absolutely so sweet and caring to this little puppy. I am sending you guys healing thoughts. What a wonderful place for that puppy to be, with you. You are such a great Mama! He sounds like a trooper! Please keep us updated and I'm not religious or anything, but bless you!
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That's a good sign that he's salivating, it means the fluids are doing what they should--if you get dehydrated one of the first visible effects is dry mouth-same for puppy. You did the right thing bringing the amount down, keep it up and that's great that the diarrhea has settled a bit. Honestly, once the diarrhea slows even if he's vomitting they can give him some reglan to stop the vomitting--or at least at that point sub q fluids will definitely help--if the diarrhea is bad he will dehydrate even with IV fluids, but with just vomitting we can always bypass his tummy. That he's hiding from the pedialyte is good too--when I first graduated I worked at a referral clinic, so we saw the worst of the worst, we always said when they chewed their IV out it was a sure sign they were getting better.
Keep up the good work!
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I hope Tate gets better! He's such a lucky puppy to have you.

You know, I'm no expert, but I've cared for a great many sick animals ... and in those photos, he looked absolutely miserable but not at death's door. I've seen 'em at death's door and they have a very particular look KWIM?
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keep it up gaiamom!
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Poor little guy - parvo is a terrible thing.
It's usually treated with aggressive rehydration. i too am surprised that iv fluids (or sq at he very least) weren't given. Please do ask your vet about buying some lrs solution and it is easily given sq with a butterfly catheter. It will look like a big lump of fluid under his skin at first but it gets distributed to his tissues in a couple hours.
You are doing a great job and i hope he recovers. regardless of the outcome, know that you did all you could :
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Definately keep us updated!!!! He is adorable!

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What a lucky puppy Tate is to have you for his mama! Hugs to you for being so awesome. Prayers that little Tate will make it. s
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Well i was really thinking things were improving but now he's pooping straight blood and worms. I dont know what to do or what this means or if its possible to save him. I really thought he was going to be ok
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call the vet! thats why he gave the home number, he loves animals or he wouldn't be an underpaid vet in the first place... even if he says there's not much hope... he's at least able to hydrate & deworm... this IS an emergency.

hang in there, we're hoping & crying right along with you!! CALL! what's to lose in calling, right? i hope thew vet doesn't shut you down.
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I really hope he gets better!!

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is there another emergency animal service anywhere near you?? we found ours online when we were in despiration one day... & it did save one of the neighborhood kitties lives (i took her in)... when the local vet had told us "good luck"
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Oh my gosh puppy...please be okay. My heart is breaking for him. :
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Oh gaiamom, I just found this thread, and my heart is breaking into a million pieces for you and your precious Tate. : Please, if things go down from here,(& I'm praying *hard* that they won't) please seek solace in the fact that you did MORE for this pup in the two days he spent in your loving, capable hands than anyone in his short life before you. Some animals live out their entire lives without ever knowing a fraction of the love you've given this l'il guy in the last two days.

I have no new advice ~ everyone here has been a wealth of knowledge.
But please don't discount the incredible amount of compassion, love, & dedication you've shown this poor little soul. If he is beyond help, the fact that he has been given a comfortable, warm & loving home to spend his final days is an *immeasureable* gift. You were meant to come into this little fellows life, regardless if it is for 10 years or 2 days. People such as yourself are few & far between.

You and Tate are in my thoughts,

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I responded to your email G-mom, and what China says above is VERY true.
Don't give up on him yet. I'll stay up a bit more to give you time to answer my email-why not, I have sympathy vomitting and diarrhea for him.
(yeah...that's it....)
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