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Let's talk RE: unschooling in WA state....

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Any unschooling mamas/papas in WA state?
We like the unschooling philosophy, but WA state doesn't seem to have laws that are very favorable to this style. Since it looks like we're moving to the Seattle area this fall, I want to gather some input.
Thoughts, experiences, opinions, observations????
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Yea I know that WA is a little more nit picky than here in OR. We lived there for a time, but back then my kids were under the age of compulsory attendance so we were off the hook. Here are a few things I found that may help you out.



Maybe someone at one of these places has some been there done that wisdom to share?
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Cant really help but am in WA too, and planning to home school (not neccessarily unschool) but no clue where to start so hope you don't mind be jumping on your thread!
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Well, my kids aren't of official age yet, so it's not relevent to me but I've tried to pay attention, and it seems to me that it's not so difficult here at all-

You file a simple form once a year (don't give them more information than they're legally entitled to- I think the links someone gave above explain about that), and you need to test or get an evaluation once a year, with the results going only to you, and you can give the test. The Family Learning Organization, http://www.familylearning.org can help with both testing and evaluations and are, I'm told, unschooler compatible. You "have to" cover a certain set of subjects, but there's no checking up on you. I guess you also need to be "qualified" to homeschool, by having taken a year or so of college classes or taking a qualification course- the courses seem readily available and not arduous (and maybe even useful), and are not government run, so far as I can tell.

I dunno. When I came here two years ago it all seemed less scary and more legally accepted to homeschool in Washington than in California, where I'd been- California has since seemed to calm down, but at the time it seemed like there were moves afoot to trample independent homeschoolers.
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Yeah, what Eris said.

It is no big deal. Mine are all too young yet, but I have looked into it a lot.
I hear FLO is great for easy check list evaluations, done by you in your home for $35.
If you don't have enough college credits, you can even take the qualifying course by mail for (i think) about $100.

Nothing to it!
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We are unschooling in WA state w/no problems. DD is under the age of compulsary schooling (she is 6) but we actually go through the school district (DD takes swimming, tools, art, ceramics & science variety for "free")--- she doesn't need to do any testing that way (well, not yearly and you can just "forget" to go do the WASL) and they realize we don't use a curriculum or anything like that. I don't know how the Seattle school district is, though.
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In WA state homeschool laws it does have a paragraph subsection that mentions how they understand homeschooling to be more hands on & less structured than a public schooling situation so they expect their requirements to be taken liberally... or something like that. Maybe this means they aren't really all that hardnosed about it?
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