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Any feelings on gender?

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As in, do you have any idea what you're having?
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I have a feeling I'm going to have a girl. I won't find out for 34+ weeks, though, and I wouldn't put money on it. I was TTC a girl- we had sex 2 days before ovulation. The Chinese gender chart someone posted in anohter thread says it's a girl, and I did the chart for 6 people and 5 were correct (incl. my son). I was supposed to be a boy, though, according to that chart. But 5/6 is pretty good, I think.
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When I had my daughter I was POSITIVE it was a girl. I just knew it. This time I have a feeling it's a boy. I don't know if it's because that's what we want to have or what. But everytime I think about having the baby, my thoughts automatically go to a boy, and I'm thinking about boy names more than girl names.

It does sounds silly, but I'm just so excited! We haven't decided if we're going to find out or not. I did with my daughter, but I wanted to start buying clothes and things.
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I have 2 boys, so I'm guessing it'll be a 3rd boy! Thats what the Chinese gender predictor said and it was accurate with my others! It'll be so exciting to see. Noah is already talking about his "baby" who he has named "Jake"!
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Try this.. if you have a pendulum you can use it (if not, use a pencil with an erasure, put a sewing needle in the middle of the erasure with thread to hold it by) Then hold it over your wrist.. (if you have kids already it's easy to see what = boy or girl) you can ask it to show me boy.. for me boy moves up and down and girl moves left to right.. when it's thinking it goes in a circle. When it's done it stops and does a little quiver! Very cool indeed!! It will go through all the kids you're supposed to have and their sex. DH mom showed me this years ago.. it matches exactly to everyone I've tried it on with kids.. and even without.
For me is shows, girl, boy, girl.. Soooooooooooooo I'm pretty sure we'll have a girl. Neither of us really has a preference though. We just want a babe!! Don't matter what kind! haha
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Pre-pg, I felt like we would have all girls. I'm feeling now more like it's boy-ish but I wouldn't bet any money or anything on it. I thought DD was a boy, too, until the first time we heard her heart rate and the m/ws kept guessing girl - altough they didn't say it was because of the fast rate.

The pendulum thing was right for my MIL, 2 SILs, and everyone in MIL's office. It said we'd have a girl then 2 boys... but we were only planning on 2 kids... so we'll see!

A L&D nurse friend of my mom's said that the most reliable gender predictor she's seen (even better than heart rates, etc.) was which gender name the parents are SET on first. For example, we knew DD would be ELizabeth even before we were married but we didn't have a boy name picked out even during labor. We had a short list, though. That said, this time, we've got a girl name for sure and I'm set on a boy name but DH doesn't love it (but doesn't have anything that he likes better. )

I believe in mother's intuition!
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Okay, this is my weird story, believe it if you want to...
In november I was laying on the couch, when all of a sudden I get thi name in my head "Michael." Now I'm like, "okaaayy...." because I wasn't thinking about babies or anything. Several months later, I have this dream where I have a baby boy whose name is Michael. Well that's twice, and if God wants me to have a baby boy named Michael, I will name him Michael! Since I found out I was pregnant, I have just "known" that this baby is going to be a boy. We shall see if I am right. i am pretty confident though, because I am letting my husband pick the girl's name !
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I'm getting boy feelings. My instincts were right with my first two. We probably won't be finding out before the birth. I'm pretty sure I'm right though
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Okay, I did the pendulum test and got B, G, G!
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Dan thinks it's a girl and I feel like it's a girl - Dan and I were both right about Nathan so I'm really hoping!

Regardless I just know the Lord will give us exactly the right person for our family and I won't think twice about gender knowing that He's has designed it perfectly! Now I'm just hoping we truly will have a baby in January - that's my first prayer!
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I'm not getting feelings one way or the other - With DD, both DH & I were convinced we were having a boy, so I'm not sure I trust my instincts in this department! I know a woman who's had good luck with her pendulum, so maybe I'll ask what she thinks...We found out DD's gender at an ultrasound, but this time I want to be surprised. Really, I'm just praying for a happy, healthy baby.
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jayayenay- AWESOME!! I'm not sure if a molar pregnancy would show up with the pendulum... my MIL had a misscarriage and sometimes it shows up, but usually it doesn't. If anything bad happened with this pregnancy, I would have the same thinking though... so was THAT the girl.. and now am I only gonna have two!?! I've also wondered how twins show up too!?
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I remember doing that pendulum thing in high school but I can't remember what it said. I think at that time I wasn't planning on having any kids so I probably thought it was a bunch of bull. I'll have to do it again. Does it work on guys too or only on girls?
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Yup it works on guys too! My DH and I have the same number and sex of kids!
It appears to work on anyone as long as they've reached puberty. We did it on my niece and nephew when they were like 10-11 and it just sat there.. but now kids show up for them.
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Ok, so I did the pendulum test on myself and my husband and all it said was girl for both of us. It went in circle for a while then went side to side for a long time. How does it do twins? My husband said he had a premonition when he was in college (long before we met) that he would have twin girls one day.
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Hmmm...I just did the pendulum test on DH and myself - It said girl and then boy for each of us. DH tried to do it over my wrist, but it didn't move at all; he says it was picking up his skeptical energy. So, I had him brace my arm while I tested my own wrist. DH will be VERY happy if it's right and we have a boy! We had sex 5 days before I ovulated, so if it's a boy, that was one strong Y-sperm to hang around that long!

We'll have to do a comparison in January to see how accurate the pendulum was for all of us...
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I think it's another girl... but the chinese gender thingy says a boy. I dunno! We'll find out when it's born I guess
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