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Under the nile

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UTN fitteds are easy to get and inexpensive for a fitted. They are sized generously, we got a small and there is a lot of room to grow in it for my ds who is around 20 lbs. He has a small waist and a short rise, so ymmv. It's very soft and squishy and has an internal soaker, front aplix, and is serged. The organic cotton terry is super soft. It's a bit poofier than some of the trim WAHM fitteds we see, but I don't find it overly bulky. It's definitely not trim though. I really like it for when ds is fighting a diaper change, since the aplix makes it quick to get on.
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I really like the UTN fitted as well -- I only have one, but definitely reach for it first! It seems very absorbant and soft. I also have some of their prefolds, which are very large (for my 4month old) but VERY absorbant and soft!!
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We have an organic store in town that sells baby clothes and diapers. I am a prefold and wool person, but today I asked my DH to go pick up an Under the Nile fitted for me on his way home from work. (I'm bored with my prefolds and needed something to spice up the night.) He got me two, and I am so in love with them that I had him go buy out the rest of her stock.
I'm replacing all our prefolds with these.
Not only are they georgeous, but they are buttery soft and I love them. In prefolds I was changing every half an hour. With these, we go for a looong time and it just keeps feeling dry! I'm in pin free heaven. The price is great for a diaper, but considering the fact that they are organic as well, it's a steal.
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I bought 2 utn fitteds - on one of them the leg elastic totally gave way (only on one side) within the first few wearings. On the other, the elastic on the legs still works, but it is stretched out. Used mine on a baby who was well within the # rec for the diaper size. Otherwise the dipes are very nice. I also have utn prefolds (organic cotton). They are great stuffers for pocket dipes and just soak it all up! Never a leak with them. They don't take to snappis very well, however (need to use pins if I use them w/o a cover).
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i have to agree about the fitteds. they are super soft. i think i still need to wash them more so that they reach max absorbancy. i also have the contour diapers. i think they run on the smaller size compared to what's out there. they are a slightly snugger fit than the kissaluvs contours, but they are a litte better IMO, cuz they have more of a soaker in the sewn in the middle.
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i just got my first and so far, I am very pleased. They are definitely sized generously.
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I have just purchased my first UTN fitted and so far I love it. I agree that they are sized generously. I'm worried they might be a bit on the bulky side. I'm also wondering if they make a good night time diaper?
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I wasn't happy with my UTN fitted... the aplix was completely non-functional after 4-5 months of use. I emailed them and never got a response.
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I love my UTNs. We bought 3 NB and used those with Aristocrat wool covers at night when DD was a NB. When she outgrew them, I bought 6 small size UTNs for nighttime use and she's only now (at 18 months) growing out of them.

The Alpix, elastic, & serging have held up beautifully through countless washes and drying.

Funny about not seeming "trim," these are currently the diapers I go to when I'm looking for something less bulky could be due to being too small for DD.
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