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3 ring binders, labeled for cakes, cookies, main dish, etc.

plastic page protectors, favorites that are made often at the front

New recipes get typed up in word and after I try them out, printed so I can put them in sleeves. Computer #1 is on the breakfast bar so I can have someone call out directions or read them myself. I used to paste or tape all the recipes to a page and stick that in the sleeves, but it's just too bulky and I like the typed pages better.

My mix recipes, like homemade bisquick, pancake mix and cake mix, are all typed up and taped to the insides of my cabinets, so when I need to mix up a batch they are right there near all the ingredients. My 3 favorite bread machine recipes are there also. I make my own 'bread machine mixes' in advance when I get the huge bag of bread flour from Costco, then when I need to make bread I load the wet ingredients and yeast as directed. I just found these:


so I think i'll be updating soon. I can't find the original pic I saw, but they had the recipes typed up and then stuck them on the insides of the cabinets so it looked much nicer than my taped ones do.
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I keep my recipes in a 3 ring binder with plastic sheet protectors. One recipe per page that way I can alphabetize them. I type or copy and paste (from net) all my recipes into single word docs. Then the ones I like I print and put in the cookbook. Ones I want to try I copy or print to use for that month's menu and then if I like it I put it in the cookbook. Right now the cookbook doesn't have that many recipes in it though. I'm working on finding more recipes that are easier and cheaper to make. Once I get a better collection going I plan to organize it by categories: main dishes, veggies, beverages, desserts, snacks, homemade ingredients, and breads. I have a tips and hints category in the binder too for things like: freezing guidelines, measurement conversions, etc. I have all my recipes saved to word docs and separated into folders on my computer by the category in the book. All others go in a folder for "Not Tested".
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