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allergic reaction or measles??

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My dd (5) has broken out into a rash. It started as what looked to be an insect bite on her cheek, 2 days later she comes home from school with tiny red, not raised spots starting at her forehead and going down her body and stopping at her waist. She has not had a runny nose, cough, sore throat or fever. We took her to a walk-in clinic as our regular doctors office was closed. They say it's probably an allergic reaction to something. She is complaining of itching today and the spots have started to join together.

She had her first round of vaxs, including MMR in 98. We have since chosen to not continue vaxs. Should we be pressing the doctor for answers or am I just being paranoid? I made the mistake of looking on the web and found a picture of a child with measles, she looks similar but not totally covered. I'm not overly worried about her or her brothers getting it but we have a month old baby. Is bf'g sufficient to protect him if this may be measles. I am also dreading the possibility of dealing with any backlash from those that vax if she does have the measles. I'm too tired at the moment to deal with that.

Any insight? Any advice would be appreciated.

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Sorr, I'm no help--can anyone else help?
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Definitly NOT measles,maybe German Measles?(Rubella?)
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DD had rubeola, a form of measles within a month or so of the MMR shot. Thankfully, it passed easily but looked awful (she was only over a year old). As with all her illnesses when we lived in the city, the Docs blew it off as the norm. Go figure.

Sorry I can't help more besides just say let her rest and keep an eye on it! If it's a virus, it shall pass! the shot does nothing good in my eyes!! So it probably made no difference and maybe she was around someone who jus treceived the vaccine herself!
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