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Noah's ongoing eye infection...now conjunctivitis?

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This is my first time posting on the health and healing board, but I have a question and my doula/LLL leader/friend is on a "homeschooling field trip" sometimes I don't know what to do when she's gone! lol

ANyway, My 2 month old son, Noah, had clogged tear ducts since birth. I FINALLY was able to get one eye unclogged, but the other one is still clogged and is infected. I went to the doc a couple weeks ago and he (of course) automatically prescribed antibiotics. I was nervous about his eye so I put some antib. in his eye and he had an allergic reaction to it. It wasn't a bad reaction, but enough to scare me into never doing antibiotics, etc., before I try something natural and safe!

Well I've been putting breastmilk in his eye and tht has really helped, but I noticed last night (and still this morning) now the white part of his eye (just on the left side of his right eye) is red. What else should I do? I want to avoid doctors if possible.

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I was going to suggest breastmilk, but I see you've already tried that.
I'm so sorry to hear tha Noah's little eyes are giving him trouble.
My son, Elijah (also 2 months) developed really red and swollen eyes right after birth. He could barely open his eyes to see. By the second day, the swelling wasn't going down, so I decided to take him into the doctor.
The doctor sent us right to the ER. I was so freaked out. They wanted to test him fro all sorts of STD's. They started an IV and wanted to do a spinal tap, which I refused. I'm mean, my baby was only 1 day old, I wasn't going to subject him to that.
I later found out that the only reason we were sent to the ER is because he was born at home and the doctor wanted to cover his ass. If he had been born the hospital, the doc would simply have put antibiotic eyedrops in his eye.
Anyhow, They gave him antibiotics thru an IV and his eyes cleared right up.
I wish I had better advice for you.
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