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Nursing Mamas Getting Pregnant in May

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All right then, here we go for our second batch of 2006 babies!! It's not too late for January! April was our best month in a while so lets make May even better! Wishing everyone lots of fun bd'ing and lots of luck!
Oh, and I'm brandnew at this, so be patient with me if I don't get it right (and don't hesitate to correct me)

If you want to be added to this list, or need your info updated (such as adding your chart link to the post), please use the post title or bold text to make sure I see it. Thanks!

Waiting to be Ready...
*Steph (Sleepymama) 28 month ds
*Tami (FoxyMom) 19 month dd
*Lori (lorikuschinski) 8 month dd
*Yvonne (yvonnemlv) 19 month ds
*Amy (AMB8301) 27 month dd
*Amanda (Zac'smom) .. month ds
*Jaime (bluey) 19 month dd
*Laura (achintyasamma) 7 month dd
*Darci (Dkenagy) 24 month dd, 10 month dd

Waiting to Catch the First PP Eggie!
*Nancy (Felicitymom) 8 month ds
*Megan (mamameg) 12 month dd
*Becca (Yo Becca) 8 month dd
*Mel (CountryMom2e) 14 month ds
*(scbegonias) 10 month dd

Waiting to O`
*(Jentilla), 19 month dd
*Nicole (doulanichole) 14 month ds (8/04, 10/04, 3/05)
*Karin (martinshockeymom) 33 month old ds
*(nosebite) 13 month old ds
*Kathryn (seekermage) 5 year old dd, 18 month old dd
*Brooke (brookerenee) 16 month dd
*Beth (Bethkm) 30 month ds
*K (Leakyboobs) 24 month ds, 47 month ds
*Laura (OTMomma) 32 month dd
*Julie (Juliema) 12 month ds
*Vickie (Zootiegurl) 9 month ds
*(Pipermomma) 10 month dd
*Darci (dkenagy) 10 month dd
*Kathryn (Kathryn) 10 month dd
*Des (polka123) 20 month ds
*Jamie (Littlemommy18) 9 month dd
*Tiph (Tiph) 18 month ds
*Lindsay (Lindsaylou) 11 month dd
*Janine (Ratlover) 23 month dd

2WW..Waiting for a BFP!!!
*Be (bemommy) 28 month dd
*Daniele (tomsgirl) 19 month dd
*Angie (ApprenticeMomma) 14 month ds
*Sue (luckymama) 22 month ds
*(beemama) 20 month dd
*(Tjttc#2) 15 month ds
*Ana (mamaana) 28 month ds

Our success stories!!

(BinahYeteirah) 28 month dd
(moonlightinvt) 31 month dd
AdrianneWe (UrbanPlanner) 32 month ds 12/17/04

Beth (lilgreen) 3 year ds
Megan (amarasmom) 30 month dd

Amanda (mom2threenurslings) 4 year ds and 2 year dd
Jeannie (spsmom) 20 month ds
Lilli (Galatea) 10 month ds
Marie (marieangela) 2 year ds
(Cedarmama) 24 month dd
Lori (wordgirl) 13 month ds

*Rachel (RachelGS) 32 month dd
*Jenn (Zack419) 10 month DS
*Carey (memory maker)
*Natalie (nataliekat) 28 month DD

*Paula (Cedarmom) 21 month ds
*Heather (Feathere) 22 month DD
*neveryoumindthere 21 month DD
*Michelle (Jellyfishy) 16 month DD
*Jen (Queen of Cups) 9 month ds
*Sharon (neshamamama) 24 month dd

*Gabry (gabry) 20 month ds
*Jessica (because) 27 month dd
*Joni (sun-shine01) 27 month dd
*Natalie (zipworth) 23 month ds
*Jennifer (JennP) 16 month dd
*Gena (hunnybumm) 15 month DS
*Tammy (frogmorest) 22 month dd, 43 month dd

*Mandy (HerthElde) 15 month dd
*Angie (Boobiemama) 13 month dd
*(Lexymama) 35 month dd
*Kristin (sunnylady303) 18 month dd
*Melinda (OhMel) 31 month ds
*WitchyMama2, 20 month DD
*MuhajibahMama, 22 month child
*Becky (EllasMummy) 20 month dd
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good job on the new thread!

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move to 2ww and dd is 28 months

Although I almost think I should just stay in waiting to O. . We didn't BD close enough to O. I think this month is a total no go for me. Oh well.

Congrats to all the BFP's. Wow I guess there's a real pick me up when spring hits
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Thanks for the new thread!
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Just checkin in!!

still waitin to O.. ugghhh... After 2 periods in 2 weeks.... whats goin on here?? LOL
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Thanks for starting the new thread, Sunnylady.
I'll probably be lurking here for a while (still like it better here than the pregnancy boards), but for now I just wanted to thank all you ladies for your support, advice and humor to make these months easier. I learned more here than I'd ever known before about ttc, and have no doubt that helped me get pregnant.
If anyone's interested, what we did different: B6 (last 3 cycles), vitex and progesterone (this cycle), guaifenesin around O for better cm, and perfect timing. The last two cycles I o'ed cd 17, so we gambled that would happen again, and we bd'ed 2 days, 1 day before, twice on day of o, and am day after, and made sure to abstain about 5-6 days before that.
Lots of for everyone, especially those of you that have been here a while.
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Checkin in too... Could you please move me to 'waiting to O'?
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2ww DD is 20 months

Thanks for the new thread.

I am on the 2 week wait now. Had a slight pinkish discharge this morning. Possibly an implantation bleed, I had exactly the same thing when I was pg with DD.

Keeping my fingers crossed while trying not to get my hopes up!
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Thanks for starting up the new thread! We're still waiting to O although I actually got a very very faint second line on my opk yesterday. I'm a bit skeptical though as I'm only on cd 9 right now. We bd'ed anyway last night just to cover bases with no objection from my husband, of course. :LOL Good luck to everyone this month and congrats again gabry!
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Originally Posted by Boobiemama
Just checkin in!!

still waitin to O.. ugghhh... After 2 periods in 2 weeks.... whats goin on here?? LOL

Hang in here, We conceived DD#2 on the first try after a 14 day cycle followed by a 21 day cycle. :LOL
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Okay ladies.. I have been testing like crazy with cheapie Dollar Tree tests. (I'm really not sure why..) Yesterday I thought I saw the faintest faintest line, but I wasn't sure if maybe I waited too long and it was an evaporation line. I took 4 more of the same things, and they all looked the same. But because I've never gotten a positive with those kind, I wasn't real sure how great they are. :

My period was due today, but didn't show! : Happy May Day!

So I decided to go out and buy a better test. Can someone please help me look at it? It was a faint positive, I think.. it got a bit darker but not RIGHT AWAY like with my other pregnancies. Does this look like a to you??

HPT Picture
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Originally Posted by WitchyMama2
Does this look like a to you??

HPT Picture
Looks like a + to me. Maybe wait another day or 2 and take another with FMU, just to make yourself feel more secure with a BFP

for you!
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I agree, cautious congrats Witchymama! I went through a few days of insecurity like that, but the lines did end up getting darker gradually, tho not as quickly as I would have hoped. Patience is a beautiful thing!
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Congratulations, WitchyMama2! That's a great line!! As long as some line was there within the time limit, it's a BFP!
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Well, technically it's Monday...and I said I was going to wait until Monday before I tested again...12:30am is good enough, right? 8 hours won't really make a difference right? Well, it's faint, but there is indeed a line, and much easier to see than Friday's "is there or isn't there a line" :LOL DH wants to test again is 2-3 days to be sure...and I asked if my period didn't come would that be sure enough? Cuz it's due Wed/Thurs! :LOL
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Witchymama- if that line came upwithin the timelimit, you are preggo!!! congrats!
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Witchymama, I had a faint line like that with DD. I tested again a few days later and it was much darker.

I think if a line appeared within the time then you are pg! Congrats!
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Congrats Witchymama and MuhajibahMama! Shall I go ahead and move you to our successes? How exciting!!
I have a B6 question...what does it do? How much do you take? And can taking too much be bad for your nursling? Thanks!
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I am waiting to be ready. My ds is almost 8 months. We will start trying in the next few months.

Lori mom to Skylar 9/10/04
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Thank you for peeking at my lines everyone, and for the congrats!

I tested again this morning with FMU, and that second line is definatly there. Though its not what I'd call a BFP, there is no mistaking its there. It is slightly darker than the one I took yesterday.. so I am pretty confident! Now just hoping and praying this one sticks.

Yes, you can move be now I think.

to everyone ttc!
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