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Back in the game!

Well, we took this cycle off and I've been in the waiting to be ready catergory, but we have now decided to get back at it! I just o'd with no bding anywhere in sight (at least not the kind that will get you pg! ) so even though I'm in the second part of my cycle, go ahead and move me to waiting to O.

DS is 30 months and asking for a baby at our house a few times a week. We're working on it already! Congrats to our first 2 + in May!
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waiting to test please

3 dpo here. Seeing OB tomorrow to talk about progesterone for short LP. I hope she doesn't give me the run-around
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Yeah to all the new seedlings! I'm CD 7 and fired up for May! I told Dh I wanted an Aquarian baby (no offense to you goats out there) anyway since we are both Aquarians and dd is Libra. I charted again, but I worry a bit now after reading all your posts. Dh is convinced we just need to be VERY proactive KWIM! :LOL
Well, I guess I'll be having a happy mum's day...

Sending out lots of and

Jen mom to 19 mths O :
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I've got a question. . looking at my charts I always spot for days before AF (3 or more). It's spotting, generally on and off, usually barely enough for a pantyliner. Might that mean that my LP is even shorter than I think? Is my LP really from O to real AF, or is it from O to the first day I spot?
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Wow, just wanted to share with you all that Evening Primrose Oil majorly has increased my EWCM!!!!! Please, oh please, oh please let this be my month!! I've been taking Vitex since last month also.
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Lexymama - How much EPO are you taking each day? I think that lack of EWCF is my major problem.
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http://www2.fertilityfriend.com/home/9f778 could you girls check out my last cycle chart and this one? What do you think of my temps returning to above coverline? (coverline was 98.0 last cycle) I did have a pretty good period a good 3 oz of blood.. but i am still cramping slightly and it's all old blood since the flow ended and the spotting started... I don't htink i've ever seen my temps do this before..? anyone else seen it before? Should I test just to see? My nips aren't painful anymore..

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Update - Reboot CD1

Yvonne, my temps are really erratic during my period - above the coverline, usually. However, if it's not normal for you, maybe you should test with a cheapie HPT.

Well, I rebooted today. I was expecting it since I tested negative at 12DPO yesterday. This month I may try Guafinessan to increase EWCF. I think that is my biggest fertility obstacle. I'm O'ing, timing intercourse properly, and have a good enough LP. I'm thinking the lack of EW is the problem here.
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Originally Posted by Lexymama
I've been taking Vitex since last month also.
Hi Lexymama and everyone else....I have a ? about Vitex. I'm assuming since it's mentioned so often here that it's safe to take while bf'ing? I'm anovulatory since my son's birth (3/04) and we're TTC #2. I've been reading up on Vitex since visiting this thread, but haven't seen anything conclusive about taking while bf'ing.

Thank you!
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ITA about the EPO (enough acronyms?) I've been taking it for about 4 months and I've gone from 2 days of really thick ewcm to 5 days of tons of nice stuff. I've also been taking vitex for 3 cycles and last month had a longer LP...hoping this is my month too!

Lexy where are you in your cycle? I am 7dpo today, probably testing next Wednesday or so...as long as I can wait! That will be 12dpo.
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brookerenee: I'm taking one 500 mg. softgel one to three times per day (3 if I can remember, but usually only remember once or twice). I have noticed a HUGE difference in my EWCM.

sep: Yes, Vitex is fine to take while breastfeeding. I have actually found articles on the internet that say it improves breastfeeding problems. I have noticed no change in my milk supply since taking it. I am using two 500 mg. capsules daily.

Sleepymama: I'm on day 13 of my cycle, should ovulate tomorrow.
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I am very excited to think that ovulation is just around the corner! This will be our first opportunity to ttc since my blighted ovum in March so we are eager to get on with it. Of course conceiving is only part of it, huh? Can't wait to see a whole bunch more positives this month!
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Originally Posted by sunnylady303
Congrats Witchymama and MuhajibahMama! Shall I go ahead and move you to our successes? How exciting!!
Sunnylady, I think you can go ahead and move me...I am officialy 3 days late now...and that combine with the faint line is good enough for me. =)
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Thread Starter 
YAY!!! Congratulations! :
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Add me please! I'm new...

Waiting to be ready! DD is 19 months, and still no AF. I'm starting Vitex when it lands on my front porch (ordered it a few days ago!) I want a good cleaning af before we get pg, so as soon as that comes, I'll move to waiting to O!
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Originally Posted by sep
I've been reading up on Vitex since visiting this thread, but haven't seen anything conclusive about taking while bf'ing.

Thank you!
Check out this link at Kelly Mom. It was very helpful to me!
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I just took a home pregnancy test and I got a very faint line!!! The same thing happened with DD.

I am so excited! I hope it sticks!

My due date would be around 14th Jan 2006!!!

Sending everyone else some fairy dust!
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Congrats Ellasmummy! Hope it sticks too!
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Wow, Congratulations to everyone this month!!!!!

Please move me to waiting to know. We are moving this Sunday so hopefully all the stuff I have to do will keep my mind off of the waiting to know part, lol. Not likely, though. It seems that no matter what stress is going on I still manage to obsess over it. :LOL
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