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The November 2ww fun!

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Here we go...I'm cd14, just noticed some spotting...taking it as a good sign. Though I swore I wouldn't put myself thru this on this cycle, here I am...with some hopes!

May this thread be filled with ++++++++++++++++++++

Peace all,

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Hey mamasoleil!

I am 6dpo today. AF is due Nov. 1 and I am determined not to test until then.: Seriously though, I am so tired of going through so many tests!!!

Here's to babies for us all!!!

to all!
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Mamasoleil ~ You are so funny! I thought you were begging out of the 2ww thing?

So, anyway, I'd like to join in. How do I do this? I can tell you that AF came for a visit on Oct 3rd and that my cycle is typically 28 days.

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AF came for me on the 4th. My cycles are normally 28 days too. I O'd on cd 14 this month(usually cd15) So, today I am cd 20 6dpo. I'd say you are on cd21. I don't know what day you O'd on so I can't tell how may days past ovulation you are.

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Mountain Mama~I'm pretty much where you are, I'm not temping anymore, so I'm not sure when I O'd, BUT..I also have 28 day cycles, and usually ovulate in the middle...

Glad to have you on board Aurora.

I wasn't going to do this 2ww this cycle..but once you're obsessed..

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Ha, a new 2ww, guess I can join this one too for a little while. I am 8dpo now, chart is at http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/13f56/

My temps are nice and high this cycle, but suspecting that that just might be caused by the progesterone cream, although of course I am hoping they are caused by pregnancy!!!!

If I do find myself pregnant, I hope the cream will hold me to finally hold on to a pregnancy again.

Baby dust and pos test vibes to all!!!!

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Hi everyone,

Thanks for starting a new thread-the old one was getting rather long.

I'm on CD14 and will probably O today. I'm a little bummed cause we didn't BD this morning (DH tooooo tired) : and that would have been very good timing, but we did yesterday morning and the day before that, so who knows.

Mamasoleil-glad you're joining us and feeling better. I'm so regular that I'm about ready to stop temping too. Sometimes I think it would help me obsess less. I got my hopes up sky-high last month, so I’m a bit detached form it all this month in comparison, which is good, I think. I got a glimpse of just how hard this can get. But, every month a few more board members trot happily off to the “I’m Pregnant” board, and I think we’ll all get there if we stick it out. So here’s to sticking it out-with support from others in the same boat.

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Good to have you here Karen and Tuli.

I actually didn't temp or chart this month. I decided to just be calm and patient and see what happens.: Here I am! I felt the usual O pain on cd 14 so I am assuming I O'd then. I don't have the temps to back that up though. Since it was a day earlier than normal I don't know if I should expect AF on Oct. 31 or Nov. 1. Not a big deal I know, but I am determined not to test until the day AF is due.

Mamasoleil-I hope you have O'd!

Karen- I looked at your chart and your temps look pretty good. I'm praying for a sticky baby for you!

Tuli-I am trying to not be so obessive this cycle too.

I am so glad I have you all to share this with! Like Tuli said, every month more of us join the ranks of the pregnant and I know we will too.

to all!
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Hi Ladies - Good to see you all here! I have to sit this cycle out again due to a cyst on my ovary, but I'm keeping an eye on this thread and wishing you all lots of baby dust!!

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If ovualution predictor kits are right - then I O'd on cd 13 (usually 12). So, hmmm, I wonder if my egg was too young on that date based on AdinaL's information post. Boy, you can go nutty thinking about all this stuff.

By the way, I had made a doctor's appt w/ my OB/GYN but I cancelled it - I am just determined to go au natural.
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~6DPO, I hope! I haven't been temp charting but had EWCM and some cramping on the 17th-18th. Then, I had an unusual heavy pinching feeling in the middle of my abdomen all evening on the 22nd...? Now I'm getting sore breasts and hoping it's not PMS!

Now for TMI about my cervix : Usually when I start feeling PMS, cervix is firm and gets firmer until it's extremely rigid and tender just before bleeding starts. Well, the last few days it's extremely soft but with a tiny hard bump at the edge of the opening. : Could this be a good sign?? Certainly I'm not going to worry about it until it's been there a week or more; if I go rushing off to the midwife it will undoubtedly turn out to be a piece of lint. :

Good luck to everyone!!
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Becca - the bump is called a nabothian cyst. perfectly normal as long as it feels kind of hard compared to the rest of your cervix. If your cervix feels really soft, could that mean that you haven't ovulated yet? I can't seem to make heads or tails of my cp data, so have pretty much quit trying to figure it out. Might get easier once I start ovulating, though.

Ok, y'all... I'm not in dpo land just yet, but had to peek in here and say hello. Here's hoping this cycle I will actually drop that eggie!!!! Last cycle was a bust - no ovulation. Blah! But this time my temps have been real stable, and had really good ewcm yesterday and today - long stretch! woohoo!!!
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: I was just wondering how Mrs Becca got lint in there, anyway.....
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Hey!! Just wanted to send you all some baby dust from someone who spent many a month on these 2ww threads. Good luck to you all.
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new here!

Hi all---

I'm new to MDC and I'm impressed by the sense of community and support here! I'm at CD14 and I expect to ovulate within a day or so (soft cervix/lots of creamy cm). TTC and hoping this is the month!

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Welcome Rose, hope your stay is nice and short...unlike me!
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Hello all, haven't been posting lately because I am on Cd29 and temp has yet to rise.
Body has made 3 attempts to O, hope this is the one and temp will rise tomorrow! Cervix was soft and high this morning but this evening feels low and firm, maybe this is a good sign?:
Well, hope to be in the 2ww soon. I'm not even concerned if we timed BD correctly or not, I just really want to O and move on to the next cycle. I wonder why my body is having a hard time O'ing
this cycle. I'm tempted not to chart Nov. and Dec. but if I have an anovulatory cycle I will chart, just to make sure my body rights it's self.
Can you tell its been a looooong cycle?:
Sorry for the rant.
Good luck to those who have O'ed and are waiting for +++++++
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Welcome, Rose! I'm right about there with you-CD 15, will probably O today.

take care everybody,

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I don't know how I would've gotten lint up there, but historically when I rush to the dr. about some weird little problem it turns out to be something trivial like that!
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I know, Mrs Becca - I was just razzing you a wee bit!

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