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Stafl~ I hope you are pg, much baby dust to you!

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15dpo - BFN, but I still think I really am pregnant, I just know it!
Will test again next Sunday if AF doesn't show up by then (and she won't).
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AF doesn't show up by then (and she won't).
You tell her sister!!!!!

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AF showed up this morning. I kind of knew it was coming, cause my temp crashed. The last two cycles have been such 'teasers", I can't believe it. I think I'm going to go in for some testing and see if a laporascopy is needed at this point.

Good luck to everyone left in the 2ww,
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(((((((((((((((Tuli))))))))))))))))))) I'm so very sorry.
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Hi Everyone,

Lots of babydust to those of you trying for August babies!!!!

I took a test this morning and it was positive! Dh was shocked, he was expecting it to take longer than it did.....thank you for the good vibes and babydust sent by all of you......see you in the pregnancy forum soon!
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Congratulations erikanorth and naotalba! July baby's are wonderful. Cancer is a sweet sign, very sensitive and loving! I should know, both dd and dh are July babies!

Wooby, I hope this is "the" month for both of us. Wouldn't it be great to find out at the same time? Emma is a beautiful name (I am a bit biased ), but sadly more popular than I'd like. You can't turn around in this town with out running into an Emma!

Tuli, I'm sorry this wasn't your month. I hope that the testing will help you and you'll be posting that BFP in no time!

stafl, way to think positive! With all that positive energy flowing you're sure to see that positive soon. I'm impressed with your self control. I'd be down at the drug store testing in a

Nothing to report for me. No prego or PMS symptoms. I plan to test on the 20th if AF hasn't visited by then.

******Baby dust to everyone!******
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Congrats Erikanorth!!! See you on the pg boards soon!

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When I wake up in the morning, it will be 17dpo! OMG! And I am still breastfeeding, which I have heard shortens your LP. If I still get BFN day after tomorrow (or whenever dh breaks down and buys the stupid test) I am going to call my doctor! Has anyone heard of somebody giving themself psychosomatic pregnancy?
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Go for an hcg test today, probably will be negative, and I'll have to take provera

I am having crazy symptoms too...3 days of nausea

oh well
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Another BFN! Still no sign of AF. I knew I should have waited until Sunday, I just knew it!
Now what?
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NOw you wait, if Sunday comes and goes with no AF, then test again. It might have still been too early!!!!Keep us posted!!!
I'm sending much baby energy to you!

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big negative on the hcg, took provera today, hopefully next month I will ovulate... One of my friends said you are more likely to ovulate aftera provera course anyone know if this is true?
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Amanda, I've heard that, too. Don't know from personal experience, just my best friend tried it (unsuccessfully) on her doc's advice.

MamaSoleil - I'm out of the 2ww! But look how "normal" my last cycle was!
29 day cycle
O on cd13
16 day LP
Wooohooo! Maybe we won't be ttc as long as we did with #1, since I might have regular cycles now!
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That's awesome Stafl!!!!So, then are you cd1 now? Looks like we're pretty much in sync! Hope this is our cycle! A nice x-mas present for us all eh??? Have a good cycle, enjoy the bd'ing!

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Anyone else testing late next week (Nov. 21-22)? That is our anniversary-I would love to have a babe on the way as a gift!

Baby dust to all who are starting new cycles. Happy thoughts to those still in the tww!
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Zac's Mom, I have been told by some doctors that an induced period (Provera, progesterone shot, quitting the Pill, anything that causes bleeding when you go into withdrawal) kind of resets the system such that you're likely to start cycling normally sooner than if you hadn't taken the drugs. From my extensive experience with these drugs (lots of doctors have tried to "fix" me and failed) I'd say there is a noticeable effect in that direction but it doesn't always work. I'd also say that it's more likely to work if you haven't been taking the stuff consistently. What I noticed is that in the years I was under the thrall of a dr. who insisted, "You have to bleed at least every 3 months or you'll DIE!!!" : and prescribed a massive dose of progesterone by injection 2 out of 3 months, it was very rare for me to have a period in the month "off" and I had O symptoms only once a year or so...but before him, when my pediatrician prescribed a low dose of Provera just once, that was followed immediately by 2 cycles the first of which was my first definite O ever (just turned 14), and after I escaped that gung-ho dr. and saw some who suggested lower and less frequent dosages, I became more likely to have O cycles in between progesterone "jump starts".

Why did you take Provera?
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full moon next week

i was gonna test today or tommorrow (15dpo maybe??), but if af doesn't arrive i'll test after the full moon on wednesday (20th)

my cycles are a bit irregular but usually hover between 26-28 days. today would be 27. still bfing tho and only had two af's since having #1.

i'm one of those people whose af's follows a roomate or someone close that i work with. now i'm not close enough to any menstrating women that i think that af might be trying to catch up to the full moon. i've been trying to find a pregnant woman to hang around with because of this. i'm convinced that this had something to do with the reason i got pregnant the last time.

i don't feel any pregnancy or pms symptoms so i have this horrible feeling that i'm just going to have to wait until my cycle gets back to normal.

wooby, when would af normally arrive? looks like you may have moon cycles.

ttc #2
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Tell me more about moon cycles! My period is due late next week (Nov. 21-22.) I have clockwork 36 day cycles, ovulating on the 21st day.
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Madison, Naotalba & Erikanorth---Congratulations!!!!!! Yay!!!!

Envirobecca, Tuli, Stafl, Mamasoleil...I'm sorry to hear that AF showed up on your doorstep!!!

On Saturday, I tested and got a negative result. I was sooooo sad and disappointed, but...no AF. Yesterday morning, (CD35) I tested again and it was POSITIVE!!!! It's so surreal! I can't believe that I actually saw BOTH lines. I had to take another test just to make sure I wasn't completely hallucinating out of sheer desperation.

Hope to see you all in the pregnancy forum right away!!!!!

Love and baby dust,
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