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Congratulations, Rose!!! I definately hope to see you in the pregnant threads very soon!
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Congratulations Rose!
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OK, I'll join late to this thread. So far I haven't had any antsy feelings like I gotta test, but I need to order some pregnancy tests. I bought 9 OTC ones last time, and that's just way too much money for me to be spending.

I actually don't feel pregnant. I didn't get a strong feeling of ovulating like I normally do. I will say I had that kind of, what do you call it, mid cycle horniness maybe? But I didn't get the side pain I normally get and my CM seemed much lighter than normal. I'd actually kind of like an October baby, so I have a couple of months, huh?

I'm CD20, I think. I told myself I wasn't going to test until the 27th at the earliest, but I think that would make me 18 DPO. When I was pregnant with my DD, I didn't get a positive until 31 days, but my cycle was about 30 days then. It seems to be 28 now, so maybe I can get a positive result on November 24th, but I haven't had good luck with the early response type tests.
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Rose, CONGRATULATIONS! Such a beautiful surreal feeling to have a little life growing inside you...

Amywillow, hope this is your baby month! We will be testing buddies within a few days or so. Good luck!
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contratulations rose! i'm so happy for you

i tested this morning (cd29) and it was negative. blah. after hearing about others who tested too early for an accurate positive reading i still have a some hope. not much hope tho. i don't have ANY symptoms: pms or early pg (which were the same for me last time)

i think i've still go that all-over-the-place-still-breastfeeding (and a night nursing teether at that) kind of cycle.

i'm all out of tests so i'll just wait it out this time until af comes or i feel some kicks

good luck amywillo and wooby!

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I think I'm going to O with the moon again, I'm glad to be back on track with that and hear that you have them too, Jen. Even when I have a short LP, my body seems to wait until the full moon comes around again to O.
Hoping to join you in the wait tomorrow or Wed.
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(#%$*Q) My period arrived and I am frustrated! It actually came a couple of days ago, which was three days early. That means that my last two cycles have been unusually short at 33 days instead of my very regular 36. I am still O'ing on day 21.

If I had posted on Tuesday morning, I would have sworn I was pg! I was feeling green, smells were bothering me, etc. Instead, AF arrived that night.

I am counting my HUGE blessing, my sweet baby girl. But, still I wonder what is going on? We have only been TTC for two months, but my cf is fantastic super-stretchy ew for 3-4 days and all else looks good. It only took one try to conceive this summer, but we lost that baby 12 weeks later.

I guess we will give it another shot in December. Good luck to the rest of you still in the two week wait. For the rest of us-see you on the new thread! :-(
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Awww, shucks, sorry Wooby. I'll probably be right there with you next month.
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I just got my period tonight, 28 days after the last one started. So my 2ww is officially over. I'll be in on the next one.
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Amywillow~do you know that *I* named you???
Glad you are on REGULAR cycles...may this one be yours!!!


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waaaaaaaa I so want to be over here :-) ok I shouldn't complain as I still have chances to get pg until I O.

I am wondering if I will make the November 2ww thread. I may not make it until the December one
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Arduinna what cycle day are you on now? YOu can't be too far in right? Course this coming fron the woman who doesn't o until like cd 29....:LOL By the way - nice new title......
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I'm cd 14 today. ................................

new title??? I didn't think my week was up already with my new one??? Ok, will have to torture someone and find out you got me!!
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You're a pal, Mamasoleil. I'm picking my right nostril in your honor for the next week.
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Amywillow~:LOL :LOL
Really....I could not resist...I'll go a little easier next time...I was going to name you Procastinator Extraordinaire....but the seasoned nasal prospector...it was calling me!
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Argggggg! Its not a 2 week wait for me anymore. Its 3 weeks and counting! Why do I have beautiful, clear to see O charts for 2 months, then we start TTC and it goes wacky on me???? I thought I O'ed back on day 13 (well fertility friend said that... but it was a small temp rise), but now not so sure.... and not quite sure if I've o'ed since (but there are a couple of points in my chart that make me hmmmmmm). My temps are in the right "after o" range.... guess I just get to wait some more... gonna test thanksgiving morning though (not like I haven't wasted enough tests this month already! ), just in case I have some news to share! (I don't think I could make myself wait until after the first trimester! heheheee )

I got woken up from having a lovely dream that I tested positive though. Seemed SOOOOO real. Even my Dh was freaking out in the dream! (He said I must tell him when he is sitting down. His dad threw up when his mom told him she was pregnant with my Dh, their first child. Hope Dh has a stronger, or emptier stomach! LOL!). I'm just gonna try to hold onto that lovely warm feeling I had from the dream....
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blah. AF showed up yesterday. Guess I get to try again!
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I am so sorry about AF Lisalynn!!!!! May you have a positive cycle!

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Thanks Mamasoleil! Lotsa baby dust to you too!
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