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Well, I'm 4dpo- but we haven't bd'd since last Sat., so I'm not holding out much hope.
On the positive side, this is my first month charting temps, and it seems like my problem may be that my cm is coming the week before I O, so the timing has probably been wrong this whole time (since I was timing bd by cm).
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11dpo now and got an extremely faint, is it really there or is it not? line last night. So I just had to test again this morning and I got another faint line, but more visible this time.

So I guess I can post the first pos test to this thread, hope you all will follow my great example!

Of course, I am just soooooooooooooo scared now that I will suffer another loss (I had 4 early ones over the summer), so please all send tons of sticky vibes! Not sure how I would handle it going wrong yet again.

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Sending you lots of sticky vibes and I'm keeping you and the little one in my prayers.
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CONGRATS KAREN!!!! This one is a keeper, it really is!
MountainMama, congrats to you on refraining from seeking medical help!
I'm cd18, unknown if/when I ovulated. As mentionned, I had some spotting on cd11, so we'll see. Much cramping, but everymonth I have "telltell" signs of pg:

Aurora, naotalba, EnviroBecca, Tuli, NotAMamaYet, Rose, Rebekah, keep those pg vibes going, Karen has paved the way for us!

Kelly, hope you'll be able to participate next month, cause I'll be here, waiting...
I should become the 2ww hostess!Seniority eh?
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Yay, Karen!!! Congratulations!!!!!
I'm sending many sticky vibes your way!

I'm at CD 17. CD 15 was my last day of creamy cm and I have not seen a temp shift just yet. The last two nights I have had uncharacteristically short sleep, which most likely affected my temps. I will definitely be looking for that temp rise tomorrow!

Hang in there everyone---Karen, you are our inspiration!!!

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Mamasoleil - As much as I like you, it would be really nice if you weren't still here when I try next cycle !! Keep your chin up (and your temps, too)! One of these times it's going to happen for us *both*.

Congrats to Karen - Thinking lots of sticky thoughts for your little babe - hang in there, wee one!!

Best wishes to all of you still waiting and wondering...

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Hey all, I am joining in late. We were on vacation for the last 2 weeks, so most of my 2ww has been bearable. Now it's CD10 and I feel nauseated, dizzy, or starving every few minutes. I think I'm imagining it all
Sending you all hopeful pregnancy vibes,
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Hello I am new here, we are ttc #2. I am so impressed, you are all so in tune with what your bodies are doing. I have no idea when or if I O'd but dh was only in town for 3 days this month so there was no point in charting temps. If I am not pregnant then I will have to wait until Dec. to try again.
Good luck and baby dust to everyone!
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Good morning all!

I am 11dpo today and not feeling pregnant. Who knows?

Welcome to Rose, Sahara, and saralou!!

How are you doing Karen?

NotAMamaYet-how are you?

Kelly, I hope you are able to be here next cycle.

MamaSoleil, I too have "signs" every month. I don't know what to believe anymore. :

naotalba, EnvrioBecca, Tuli, MountainMama let us know how things are going.

Sending lots of ++++++++++++++vibes to everyone.

to all!
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Hey Karen, hope things are okay

We quit night nursing about 2 weeks ago, have been charting but hard to tell a thing since no period in 2 years.

We are "trying" again on our own tonight, tomorrow I will go for a serum hcg, no sex for 2 weeks, another serum, then Provera for 5 days, wait another two weeks for a period, so after tonight we won't be able to try for the next 4 weeks

Was really hoping we would be able to do this without a doctor's help or weaning completely, but it is looking like that isn't going to work. Which is a bummer because I hate taking pills and have been taking all these herbals to no avail!!

I won't give up hope yet,, that test might be positive soon!!!!

Good Luck everyone
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I'm sorry things are tough! I hate taking pills too. Good luck and keep us posted.
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I think I just set a record for the shortest time in the 2ww.
I believe af is here a bit early this month... I haven't had regular cycles since I went off the 'evil' bc pill but I wasn't expecting af for at least another week. Oh well, I am hoping she sticks with me and leaves the rest of you alone.

Baby dust to you all!!!
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I'll know for sure tomorrow, if my temps stay high a 3rd day, but I think I'm finally in the 2WW!!!!! After af came 3 times, I finally o'd!
Check out my chart - it is so much prettier than my last 2 cycles.

Zacsmom - I know I'm super-afraid of doctors, but I did want to ask you if you are sure you want to do all that? I'm also not one to say anything about weaning, as my dd still nurses, but that would be my first step long before going to a doc and definitely before taking any artificial hormones. Though, I do so totally understand wanting another - the longing is sometimes too much for me to bear. You never know, though. 2 weeks since night-weaning isn't very long and you might get your cycles back on your own given just a little more time. Good luck!
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Well, still not sure that I O'd.
Had a temp shift yesterday and then today it went back down, I am a little perplexed. :
I have heard of a temp going down again on the 2nd day of "high temps" and then rising again, so maybe that is the case for me too.
Please send O vibes my way.
Congratulations to all who have "graduated"!!
Baby dust to those still waiting!!
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hey stafl- how old is your little one and how much does she nurse... I think you are right, I would rather wean than take hormones and pills, However I'm in a very stuck position... My son is allergic to dairy, has eczema and when we cut back he gets diarrhea and a bad rash... I want him to benefit from continued nursing, but also long for another... and am not getting younger... plus in my head and heart had always thought that I would have a "big" family

why does it have to be so complicated
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Oh dear, Amanda! Sounds like you've had it rough. I am just so terrified of doctors, you can't imagine! It's bad enough I have endo that went undiagnosed for 20 years.
My DD is 18 months and nurses on demand so sometimes it's 4 or 6 times a day, sometimes it's probably closer to 20. She also has problems with dairy, and won't ever drink cow's milk, I guess. Her pediatrician said there was no reason any of us needs dairy, anyway, as long as we get plenty of green veggies. She started sleeping through the night at 5 weeks, so night weaning was never an issue. I got af three times before I actually ovulated, but it looks like this cycle finally came through for me.

I did it! Fertility Friend finally gave me an O date!!! Woooohooo! So I'm officially in the 2ww now - 3dpo, to be precise. Can anyone explain ew after the O day? I thought it was supposed to go away? We are keeping up with the bd, just in case!
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So queasy! It's a good sign, but no fun! I felt a little "off" last night but convinced myself to eat a snack because I'd had a small dinner; spent a lot of time dithering in the kitchen because every food we had seemed sort of yucky, but after I finally ate (distracting myself by reading) I felt better. This morning I was starving, felt fine before and during breakfast...but 2 blocks into my bus ride I got nauseated (and I'm not a motion-sickness person at all) and then all the aromas of the other passengers and their coffee and such started getting to me, tho none of the odors were ones I would normally find offensive. Actually gagged a couple of times. I've been at work for over an hour now and am just starting to feel a little better.

Big cravings for protein in the last 4 days...breasts more swollen and painful every day...wanting some extra sleep...salsa cravings, which for me always signal big hormone surges...peeing a lot.... Could this be my month?

~11dpo. I swore I wouldn't test until Sunday, after we get back from visiting MrBecca's parents. We are leaving tonight, and being away from home (not bringing the test) should help...but if these symptoms keep up, it'll be hard to act normal! At least my mother-out-law will have salsa for me; she's seen my craving in action before and mentioned buying it in preparation for this visit!

I hope this isn't just bad PMS!
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Thanks for all the congrats! I re-tested today at 14dpo and hoped to get a nice fat line. I peed and held my breath and sure a line showed up, but it was faint yet again!!!! That wasn't supposed to happen, I was just starting to be hopeful, but this immediately freaked me out again, giving me deja vu to all the early miscarriages. I kept comparing the 11dpo and 14dpo one, and I think today's one was less faint (both were CVS early ones), but not by much.

I couldn't stand it, so I called my midwife and asked whether I could come in to have blood drawn. She had had a cancellation, so I could come in and she took blood for a quantitive hcg. Will hear the results tomorrow. I figure that this number will be fine, I am mostly interested in the repeat test and seeing whether nrs are doubling.

On Friday I'll go in again and have another one, and on Saturday I should know the numbers of that one.

Please all keep your fingers crossed, send sticky vibes, high nr vibes, prayers, light candles, whatever you can think of to make me keep this so wanted little one!!!

Karen, scared scared scared
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Karen, you can do it!

congratulations, I will keep sending positive energy your way ...lots of blessings to you and your little love bundle that keeps playing hide and seek w/ you.
Stay positive
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EnviroBecca ~ It sounds like you've got some good things going there! All of those sound like good signs...keep us posted. I hope to God it's not just bad pms, too! hehe

I've actually been having very sore breasts and more nauseua than, so we'll see.....tomorrow is my birthday and it's also the day that AF should come for a visit. Maybe she'll get lost on the way
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